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For Bado. And how about this way back into right center field Dietrich is only for the second time. The man sitting in for Bado after farmers sitting in for Suarez yesterday run. How about that you better get drink? Chris looks like something you might hit up t-. Wow. So may ask you this. Did you like that homerun you liked that you like that? Derek did. Dietrich love that home run. He admired the hell out of that home run. If he stared at that any longer he would have needed to buy a ticket pirates pitcher, Chris Archer, probably hated that home run is much as Dietrich loved it. Aren't you? Probably hated that home run in hated how Dietrich stared at it afterwards because in the top of the fourth when Dietrich came to once again or let him know all about it. And he let him know all about it with a pitch behind Dietrich. You see that's a code enforcement. Warning there. Some guys you can style homerun off of in. Chris Archer is not one of those guys at least not if you're Derek Dietrich. And you do it the way Dietrich did so Archer did what he did. And then everyone did everything. And by everyone doing everything what I really mean is. Yaas you'll peak tried to fight everybody. David bell..

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