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A mike. There's a fucking tapping on pop radio each. It's so funny to me And great and awesome and that comes like again. That's postie being like dua guitars. Like it's a ozzy salt lake. Let's make this a ahtisaari coming from a fan perspective. Like every ozzy song has a great guitar solo right Classic whether it's randy rhoads zack. Wild or stuff sabbath or jackie lee later. You know that they're just the you wanna hear the solos so you know it was posts encouragement and then the thing happens with pressure. Where hey you're doing a solo on an ozzy song so step the fuck up and i like pressure. I like being made to perform god who perform right. Now you know and so it was just. It was so much fun. I think chad was over while i was doing solo. And he's always like the best cheerleader. Because it's like it's good enough for chad. Maybe maybe it's good enough for everyone else. That's out like. I always think in terms of the guitar parts. We caney mean i realize like we could sit here and geek out for wild but i wanna truthfully say that like haiti and i have said like there are so many of your songs in past few years. Richest like man. This is so amazing. Lake the the miley record like five sauce. Like it's just it's just sort of insane kind of the the breadth of the production. And this is where i was gonna say something about stevie nicks but that will just fall into a rabbit hole probably sudden right now. Now you can man all good did you. Did you actually get to interact with stevie in any capacity or was it all through email or something i did. It was really really great We were working on the song And poor speaking sky odyssey the remixed version. Just one. yeah that was. Yeah you know when we were doing the song and the song has it's obvious not edges seventeen Miley reached out to stevie being. you know. she's so. Respectful are creators of of You know lineage. Of music realtor to show the song and be like. Hey you know this has a little nod to you. I hope this is cool and stevie in stevie fashion which now i know 'cause i got to talk to her a little bit was so receptive and so cool and was like i don't even hear the similarity besides that guitar rhythm. I love the song. It's so great. So it was kind of like the natural progression which that in her doing doing the remix And then you know we were. We were working on it and talking to her over the phone because there's in covid. Her assistant actually recorded vocals in her apartment. And we were kind of sending them back and forth doing notes together and she stays up real late really so you know i would get this call from an unknown number after she would hear the next bounce and i remember kind of fallen asleep in my bed one night talking stevie nicks about Just we've just got into a whole conversation about the world and then it was kinda one of those things where i was like kind of dozing off until an amazing dream. Steve is talking to hello still kinda kinda there. But if felt like a dream and it was a dream And we had to work through the wee hours night to kind of get it done in time for when they all wanted to come out But another situation where is like is this fucking real like you know steve. You know that song is one of the greatest recordings ever And then i got to get the multi tracks and fucking listening to them in the studio playing listen to those drums by themselves and listening to that amazing waddy wachtel guitar by itself. And and sit with it in my. It was what inspired me to make the other songs so it was it was just really kind of surreal and amazing and those kinds of things you know you you just do for the love of music and it's like one of the one of the perks of doing this amazing job. Is that you get to connect with you know people that have touched you in the reason. Why your ear and it's never lost on me and i'm so grateful for the opportunity to do that. You know i love. I love the fact that what can like is is a student of liner notes. Knows all the guitarist and players on all these incredible records. And as i am by dad had a huge crate. Vinyls as a kid and i sat and i went through every single lawn and read every single thing. And who's playing those horns on on the odds michio parker who's like learning all those guys you know just a those guys are the shit and that's that's what. I became a studio musician playing on other people's records and stuff like that like you said who's a qatar player on the post malone song like this just you know you hear something that touches you needs to be able to flip over record and says it boom right there A student of liner notes. The best way. I've ever heard it put my thing all let you take it away from here and do what you want to take what you want. I would like to do and say thank you so much for talking to us today. We really appreciate it and can't wait to hear more music from you coming soon working on right now and just kind of run outside because i could realize that through my basically you might be able to hear something. I was working on that. We didn't we didn't have. It's probably just stevie nicks recording her next album with you wish. Can we just make that happen. Let's just wishing to the universe. Nato happen that would be so cool. We really appreciate it. Thank you guys had a blast. Thank you be good. Thanks no.

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