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Your call, Peter gray. Do you have some answers for Stephen that question? Well, when to begin begins at birth, you you can't stop it from beginning at birth. Children are beginning to self educate as soon as they're bore. They're learning constantly, they're constantly learning. So one of the questions that I've been interested in my own research is there are there. Some children who are more cut out for self directed education than for others. And this is many people think well, some people are sort of self motivated, they can take control of their own life. And so on my experience has been that little children are all self motivated. And that doesn't end if we allow to continue at does not end if we allow to continue. I think the I think the important thing to ask for anybody who wants to take this route is am I capable of trusting my child, am I capable of allowing my child to learn what much held wants to learn even if it's not what I think my child should be learning at this point. You have to give up a certain amount of sense of control. Now, the truth of the matter terror in my heart, and the hazards have to give up a certain amount of sense of control you have to trust the nature of children. I have learned over the years to do that because of my research that just because of my own experience with my own child, but because of my research with many children, and because of my research into the history of humanity throughout almost all of human history. Children always self educated. We'd never had schools. We'd never had. As so children come into the world burning to educate themselves. We can't stop them from it unless we lock them away in closets and so on, but here's what we have to understand. We are now living in a world where there's way more knowledge out there that any of us can possibly learn and who's to decide what's most important for any given child. Don't Lee want people to grow up learning different aspects of that knowledge, why should everybody? Learn the same little slice of all the knowledge and skills and information that schools have decided this is the slice. Everybody should learn. Yeah. You have to trust your child your child may not study.

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