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Wildfire Update on news 93.1 On a FBK crews continue to battle of fast moving 400 acre wildfire in the Wheatland area. Greg Fishman joins us now from the KPK Wildfire desk with the latest kidney. It started as a house fire in a rural neighborhood south of Beale Air Force Base. The house there was destroyed along with some cars and outbuildings. The fire took off into dry brush from there and moved north through oak woodland onto the base itself. 400 acres now 0% contained and an out of breath, Mary Eldridge with Cal Fire says. Flames are burning now in the area of in Tonko and Spence lanes. We have one structure resident that's been destroyed. All the occupants are out. These are like ranch at properties maybe 20 acres peace, and so they were able to defend those structures, and the fire is continuing to move to the north, and it's gotten on the Beale Air Force Base property at this point Yes. So there are some neighborhoods under on bill that remain under mandatory evacuation orders. That's kind of in the southeast corner of Biel evacuation warnings now off the base for Waldo Junction and along Chuck Yeager Road. Those are very sparsely populated areas, but there's a lot of grass and brush for fuel. The Vassar Lake Gate to Biel is closed, with many roads in the area also closed. And there are evacuation centers now for people on base. It's the base gym, the Wheatland community senator sediment that we're going to hear more about that, in just a little bit and for livestock. The Yuba County Posse Arena in Browns Valley is being set up to handle livestock. All right. That's kpk is Greg Fishman and will continue to follow this. Thank you, Greg. And as Cal fire crews continued to battle what they're calling the N Tanko fire there in Woodland, A temporary evacuation center has been set up at the Wheatland Community Center. Here's Russ Brown with the Yuba County's Office of Emergency Services. People are being evacuated to have other support system of another family and friends are Availed themselves of rooms and such, so we don't expect a large crowd there. But if they need things that we water, there'll be a place to rest for a while until they can return to their homes When the all clear is given, Brown says Evacuation orders are always fluid in these types of situations and reminds residents to be prepared to leave their homes. The Wheatland Community Center is located at 101 C Street. More news Now with KFBK is Joe Michaels Idiot Appears politics are changing.

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