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Up the search for Earl Callan of union thirty nine year old man hasn't been seen since December thirtieth and they've searched around his home on the lower river road. And also the Ohio river shoreline, but no sign of Callan. Missing alert from Cincinnati police for sixty one year old reginal Bryant of Fairmont. He was last seen at mckenry avenue and Westwood northern boulevard. With no shoes on Bryant suffers from dementia and has no access to medication in Houston. Police may be getting closer to catching the man they say killed a seven year old girl by shooting into the car. She and her family were writing in new images of the red truck. And the man who police believe shot and killed seven year old. Jasmine Barnes were continuing to proceed with different strategies to try to find this coward of a killer. What is your message to the man who killed your daughter? We're not gonna stop looking for you, and you'll be so much easier for everybody. If you would just turn yourself in investigators say Jasmine's mother was driving in west Houston with her four daughters Sunday when a man in a red truck pulled up an unprovoked started shooting. That's ABC's will car in Houston. The co founder of Southwest Airlines is dead. Herbert Kelleher famously used a cocktail napkin with co-founder rollin king and nineteen sixty six to brainstorm a low-fare airline that revolutionized the industry. Kelleher was eighty seven years old. The Dow closed down six hundred and sixty.

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