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They've identified which enzyme cofactors are missing. Like when you put all the research papers together and you read them. As one whole from the perspective of looking at this from an attrition management perspective the information is all there. We've had it all along but the mainstream perspective is not evaluating that information through a lens of managing nutrition and managing immunity instead. They're looking at it from the perspective of how can we develop a bacteria side or fungicide for this problem. It's incredible to me that the knowledge of how to completely prevent this disease with nutrition management is all there and has largely been there for thirty plus years and no one is implemented is considered to be an incurable disease that decimates orchards across the country every year and yet no one is really taking a different perspective on it so i point this out just to say that to your comments about self education sure there are additional pieces. That would be interesting to know. We could conclude every research paper by saying that. There's more research that needs to be done but we already know enough. In my opinion we already know enough to have a completely different approach to what we do right now so anyway. That's my soapbox well-spoken have to agree. I mean there's always more to know but like put it in farmer talk. I already know how to farm better than i do. And we did. I mean the knowledge is there and it just behooves zest to assemble all that knowledge into one entity and then take action. We don't do a great job with that neck agriculture so with this perspective of self limiting beliefs that we have and and the limitations that we impose on ourselves if we were to remove those limitations and we were to fully invest everything and make all the changes that we know and farm as well as we know how what you have observed and the depth of experience that you have..

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