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Were searching for him we're trying to contact them to let them know what occurred we had been able to get in contact with them yeah salon workers are gotten worried about Julie when she failed to show up at a regular appointment when the Calder those salon workers got a voice mail her phone had her husband's voice on it saying they were sick with the flu and she couldn't talk the two detectives Julie I had spoken about a strained relationship with her husband of the and he will have to confirm this identity of the man who killed himself here today in maple valley Carly Johnson come on news the mother of two missing Idaho children has been arrested in Hawaii her seventeen year old daughter and seven year old son haven't been seen since September Laurie ballot failed to meet court ordered deadline bring the kids to authorities in Idaho she's now being held on five million dollars bail and facing extradition from Hawaii to Idaho supporters of a bill that would reduce the legal penalties for transmitting the HIV virus welcome the change to or chance rather to lower the stigma surrounding the virus that causes aids more from como score one heck the bill now before the state Senate changes language in place since the height of the aids epidemic when contracting HIV was a literal death sentence under the older measure it was a felony to knowingly transmit the virus now though drugs can suppress aids and Dale breeze supports the bill that would make knowing transmission a gross misdemeanor only I am not a potential criminal just because I am HIV positive with merry steel Klein who says her husband died of aids points out this is curable disease she's not ready to reduce the culpability of anyone who transmits the virus the higher penalty would remain in place if the victim is a child or vulnerable adult the bill has already passed the.

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