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Seat belt you've been warned. Just you've been warned. Can't wait till they have the Ah Mascot or task it and they're going to give you a ticket for not wearing a mask. You will pull you over for not wearing a mask in your damn car. I'm just kidding about that. That's not on deck. As far as I know. OK in Parker in Douglas County, there is a little drive through coffee. Like it's not one of those things called that they're making homes out of now that they ships the shipping containers. It's like a shipping container. Drive The coffee place called the Coffee Cabin. I love the coffee cabin. Whenever I'm near in the morning, I go to the coffee cabin for two reasons. One. The coffee is freaking outstanding and number two west. The owner is like the nicest man you'll ever meet in your entire life. And I don't care what kind of mood you're in. When you pull through that line at the coffee cabin, you're gonna leave in a better mood than you started because that's what Wes is all about. He has times are first responders that visit his coffee cabin every single day. He is very supportive of law enforcement and those first responders, and he has stickers all over the outside of his coffee cabin from all these different organizations. He's just a really cool guy well over the weekend. Jackasses went down and vandalized his place. He has big flags up outside, and he always has American flags always, but he also had some of those thin, thin blue line American flags that are designed to support law enforcement. He had some of those flying. They stole Those they wrote obscenities on his coffee cabin, and it was just really upsetting because not only is West a super nice guy he'll also like if you're having a really bad day, you could say West, Let's say a little prayer. He'll say a little prayer with you. He doesn't care. He's like the super nicest guy in the entire world. Well, I'm thrilled to say that the city of Parker and the residents of Parker all just came out and said, What can we D'oh? And immediately donated way more money than necessary to replace all the flags. So with that extra money instead of pocketing it, he did what he always does, and he's now created a fund where any money that he gets will go into this fund. And it will pay for coffee for any veteran. Any law enforcement officer in uniform. They go through the coffee cabin. They're going to get free free coffee. I love this story for so many reasons. One Everyone loves this guy, and when you're a good person, and you do good things for the community when something happens to you, the community responds, and that is the part of the story that I absolutely love. This is one of the reasons I let love living in Douglas County, you guys because can you imagine? Does that happen in Denver? No. A coffee shop in Denver makes a joke about gentrification, and there's people standing outside picking For two weeks after that. You know, God forbid you put some snarky on your sandwich board for five seconds in Denver. I just wanted to bring that out. And you know if you have the chance, I don't know what intersection he's on. He's on Parker Road, kind of up near I don't know where. What intersection That is, now that I'm thinking about it. He's kind of near 4 70 literally shipping container coffee place. Awesome coffee. Really, really good coffee in a really, really good guy. Ah, the best thing to happen to Colorado conservatives in a long time. Is the fall of deadly brown. What's your take on Dudley Brown, formerly of the Rocky Mountain gun owners. Do you know him? I mean, hero know of him. I'm not really familiar with him. No, he is a disaster. A disaster. He is at least partially responsible for turning this state from a red state to a blue state and this as an Austin's of conservative He used nasty, underhanded tactics to get good candidates torpedoed by candidates that's were their fealty to him. And I have nothing against the organization. Rocky Mountain Gun owners. I truly don't. I know a lot of people who are members because there they believe in the Second Amendment is really important to them, and they wanted to support a local organization. Here. I get it. That man is horrible. He's horrible, and now he's gone. He finally stepped down after more defeats and attorney Nicholas What's What's his last name? Hang on. What's second, pull this up real quick. In the Colorado son. Mario Nicholas on attorney who ran for office on Ly Tohave Dudley Moore come against him with all kinds of lies and awful information has written a phenomenal column. For the Colorado son about how this guy has been a cancer for conservatives in the state and the Rocky Mountain gun owners have been a cancer for conservatives in this state because they refused. To do anything other than stand on their quote principles and those principles got good candidates defeated in primaries, which allowed the bad candidates to be defeated in the general. And that's that's what rocky Mountain gun owners has done. In Colorado. They defeated good candidates trying to get perfection by getting candidates that could never be elected in the general through the primaries. It's just stupid. It was a stupid strategy. It's been disastrous. We still have magazine limits by the way. And all they did all Dudley Moore did was funded with deadly more all deadly brown. Dead was fundraise off of these things. That's it, so he's gone. He finally finally stepped down. He's got a new one. By the way..

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