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Right now David aiming on Tuesday morning the seventh of April I have to say I have to look at the look at the calendar to remember what day of the week it is it's really hard for people to remember yeah especially when you stay at home all the time because all the days to sort of run together yeah and Passover is tomorrow tomorrow night is a first night seder good Friday as well Friday and Easter is this Sunday and churches all over the country not all churches by any stretch but a lot of churches are in the spotlight because they're saying they're going to stay open and they're going to have their their celebrations their masses whatever and we was wondering it what about the social distancing restrictions the orders to stay away from each other let's kill this virus so we wanted to do a S. Quentin Brogdon of crane Lewis and Brogdon here in North Texas talk about how whether or not this is even legal for them to do so Quenton is it okay for churches to gather this weekend well it depends what what measuring stick you're using we have Intel's county judge clay Jenkins has signed a stay at home order that on its face bars in person religious services but our governor Greg Abbott has signed Justin wanted shelter in place order that carves out an exemption for houses of worship but the governor has also sent perhaps somewhat inconsistently some might say that we should be following the federal guidance which restricts gatherings of ten or more people and so if you're following that guidance literally then it would be difficult perhaps even impossible to have your full church gathering in person so many churches are doing in the sweltering skirts over using zoom or other benefits but you know the question the bigger legal question is the first amendment which mandates separation of church and state but can the state you know whether it's at the local level or the governor you know it on Wall the gatherings of the church gatherings in the Supreme Court or U. S. Supreme Court has said that laws cannot unduly burden religion unless there's a compelling interest to do so and you know setting down services in person no no doubt substantially burdens their religions but the question is is there a compelling enough interest to do it and many would argue the answer is yes given this virus but others would say well these are church services and if you're keeping people from meeting in person you're overstepping your bounds as the government so that's the debate really I guess a compelling interest would be saving lives what if they do like a almost like a drive through movie theater and they have people just drive up in their cars outside of the church and they have the pastor on a microphone and everyone every families in their own car I think that could be something that would work now yes from what I've read I think most churches are going to be doing things virtually antel is distancing not having a traditional downturns we get everybody in the same you know get the whole congregation in the same room because it would be difficult if not in many cases impossible to keep social distancing indicate that margin of safety if you do the traditional gathering starts the sense I'm getting from the media reports and elsewhere is that most churches are not going to be having a traditional servers hi this is not something I expect to see in the Supreme Court you know it'll be water under the bridge before could get there I'm sure but but although I could be wrong I you know they may take it on just as a philosophical question but Clinton you said that the contractor if you said something about the separation of church and state and you know I thought we were we've been assured for years the constitution doesn't even include that phrase nor even imply it all it says is that the the government cannot create a a church right well the first two minutes so the language of it is just a little over forty words right the general and vague and so it's been left to the courts most particularly the US Supreme Court to interpret it and sold the tests that has evolved over the years through many cases is this test about undue burdens and whether they're applied equally to secular that is non religious institutions so for instance you could come up with a center where you're governing fire safety net if you have a certain regulations for buildings that says not more than X. people can go and be in the building of you know this many square feet as long as you're applying that to churches answered non church institutions equally most would say then that's that's a regulation that would pass muster and so the argument in favor of these dancers charges are not being singled out there being treated in the same way is there any other gathering but then the counter argument is what searches you know are in a unique position and somehow the sermon exemption and the governor the governor Greg Abbott exempted them but then he also said but you should be following the federal students the centers for disease control guidelines and those guidelines say don't have more than ten people together and maintain social distancing so the governor has arguably set different things the first implied it the shelter in place we would not apply at all the churches but then he said well but you should still follow the federal guidelines that's Clinton Brogdon of crane Lewis and Brogdon we're in unprecedented times I think people just you know need to hunker down and that's for that's for sure I I do I just don't understand ray at home you use zoom I know we're having a Passover seder tomorrow night and this is going to be the four of us in our house we usually has a huge family thing sure with up to thirty people but we're J. O. love to cook for thirty people today I'm not I don't have to cook before I ordered I ordered the mailing here I said it's just gonna be too hard and we're gonna do it by zoom so well that's that that's obviously the way to go I just I just don't understand people say oh no god will protect me really no settled story about Hey I sent you two boats and a helicopter what do you wanna take twenty three right now K. L. I. F. all right so where is this going where's the death toll going in the United States there are now new graphs created by the university of Washington's institute for health metrics shows that we are still eleven days away from the coronavirus peak when it is predicted the two thousand six hundred forty four people will die in one twenty four hour period now it also shows that the country is ten days from its peak resource use when two hundred sixty two thousand ninety two hospital beds will be needed for coronavirus patient that's actually a lot less than the number of beds the U. S. has at its disposal some eighty seven thousand less however he ten days from now will be April seventeenth and the way this is the way this is exponentially expanding still reminds me so well of a conversation we had back on March sixth I think it was quoting a a a a very highly regarded virologist or infectious disease expert who said I remember her words very clearly she said by may fifth every hospital bed in the country will be filled and it looks like that may very well be the case users eighty seven thousand left over ten days from now but ten days from now is one of the seventeen and it looks like the empire state is at least plateaued for right now the model shows Michigan will hit its peak in six days in Florida the state's peak is expected on may fourth seventy five deaths it varies based upon largely the populations the differences in the people who are living in the states and also the you know how how well people to follow the recommendations to self distancing quarantine and all that stuff but the bottom line is while there is light at the end of the tunnel the still long dark tunnel and we're gonna get with things are gonna get worse just wrap this up but this is a university of Washington's institute for health metrics they say that one hundred thousand Americans will die by August fourth right now the total is around eleven thousand you know my daughter's college is already talking about a fall semester online yeah how do I not in these universities are having to prepare for that well I'm sure that even if life goes back to a quote unquote normal they're gonna be a lot of people a lot of parents who say I you know I think you know to skip a semester continue this home schooling yeah.

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David discussed on Glenn Beck

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