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Remember seeing him Bulwer from both within the Hon dont you to the gang leader and Don Cheadle was so intellectual, but he knew what was going on in the community and he influence Bulworth so much. That's what guys like LeBron have to do. That's what Charlemagne have to do with his platform. Like that's what we have to do when we get these platforms, bring the people that are actually out there doing the work that are in the street that are experts in these arenas and give them the floor, they'll people are listening to the bronze is standing by them. Yeah, it should be LeBron should be the loudspeaker. That's an you get these experts do it. That's it. And. To be to be quite honest with you. That's why you need to listen to people that you disagree with his. Sometimes they say some shit that make sense. People could be smart. I listen for sure. I, I'm like that everybody, I feel you can learn something from everyone. Listen, I listened to lock podcast with van, right? I wanna hear. I'm like, fat. Forgot the man in the fedora got to say, yeah, I didn't agree with everything he said, but it was certain points that he's made. I'm like an, you'll maybe LeBron listen to that. Maybe around dick, you know what? There's a position on the shop for an intellectual Mike lyrics, ice type and Angela Wright type or one of these types of people that could speak openly and like voice opinions that you guys are trying to express yourself, but you just don't have the expertise when you're going onto the basketball court. You want LeBron. Right? Because that's what you're an expert at is. Right. So bring an expert at whatever the convoy is that day on the show, and I don't want anybody to get it twisted and think that we're saying we want LeBron shut up in dribble, no LeBron to speak speaking throwing assist. That's what I want him to want him to speak. They what you don't like. And then throwing assist sister, somebody who can actually use your plan tick you late in a way to where people can actually get it to be fair living by LeBron even producing even if he didn't speak. But if he produce a show that voice as opinions that is him speaking. Yes, but him sitting there yet. Exactly, but him sitting there him just being in the shot in the room has tremendously. I mean tours, of course how. It's I don't care about here. No del complain about people asking them to dance, your only death. You always dance with things. People do when they see Odell Dell, Dell catch throwing shit apples this shit. And second Dan's Odell. Motherfucker. You're always dancing, so they wanna dance battle you, you understand where people meet certain people. They don't even know what to say. Gloves. Gloves with you like family. Donkey today. Call me knows. Oh man, people's do. That's why. Fucking, no, that's what business good. This is so good because it gives people something to do. That's why I don't like the small talk, get right to, oh picture. We are getting big. This man all that other stuff like, hey, man, you know, Doman really like eyebrows. Nobody say I'd rather. Rather get a selfie. Greece in person. I saw name, can I get a drop dramatically unit. I don't know what you put in Cuba me on. All gloves drafts. They don't know what to do. Gonna be like man, dance. They like to do. Complain about the dance all the time, your booking for, what would you wearing. Three. Oh man that it today guys. Great podcasts. Listen as always. If you listen to the podcast, think we're smart, you think intelligent, you think we're bringing absolutely right. If you listen to podcasts, you think we're just a couple of days. You don't know shit. You're right to bring this podcast. Thank you for listening.

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