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The white house goingson focus on the white house president trump responding we'll see when asked at the us would have shag north korea after its latest nuclear test it spurred a white house meeting of the president's national security team afterward defense secretary james mattis emerged to save any threat to the united states george territories including one or allies will be met with a massive military response for responsible affective and overwhelming houston city councilwoman amanda edwards says the very people helping with harvey clean up right now we'll be impacted by the president's impending decision on the deferred action for childhood arrivals program called daca now is the time to raise that destabilise an area that i like this would undermine all the other efforts that are taking place right at the president is scheduled to announce his decision tuesday richard cantu abc news a number of corruption investigations are dogging not only israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but also his wife while israel's first couple continues to deny all wrongdoing new reports claim charges may soon be filed against sara netanyahu abc giordano mental report from jerusalem israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing two corruption investigations against him but his wife sarah may be the first one to be indicted israel's channel two news reporting that based on sources in the justice ministry an indictment against sarah be coming in the next two weeks there is accused of fraud and breachoftrust for allegedly spending taxpayer money on a variety of falsely reported personal expenses totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars short on a miller abc news jerusalem and baby makes five britain's william and kate expecting their third child more.

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