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A good neighbor. State farm is there I'm 6 54. Let's check traffic for you right now, Like we do every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Locker of traffic Center. Here's Kierra, Jordan. I'm hearing reports of a crash on north and I five there near the Nisqually River Bridge may have just been moved over to the shoulder. It's causing about a mile back up into the area. North. 25 is also sluggish through Tacoma City Center. We find scattered flowing out of federal weight and deceit tax. In Seattle. It's a busy drive from mid Boeing field to the convention center North about 99 is becoming heavy around the First Avenue South Bridge. You're topping the brakes on south on I five from Steve about 5 to 6 to 128th and then some lighter, slowing out of limit. We also have some lighter, slowing south found four or five and king and part not the case for a north bound for if I That's really crawling right now, through the rent in area and then around Northeast 30 if we start to see A little bit of a break in that traffic as you continue through the Newcastle area, though it does remain slow and go eastbound 5 12 with long term crashing near Meridian, and that's been causing over three miles of slowing into that area. Work down. 167 expect often on slowing from highway for 10 to about 15 Street Northwest and then busy another time for him to 12 to 4 or five hour next. Cuomo traffic up 704. Well, if you look to the west from Seattle, Yes, the skies are a little bit dark. It's raining on the kids happen Insula from Silverdale South all the way down toward the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, and some of that could drift in our direction as well. So our forecast calls for At times partly sunny skies at times a few scattered showers and high today about 58 degrees. Partly sunny, a closer to 65..

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