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Football liked that here's tom ado hampshire hi tom hayward coq i think you're taking the kalkar ugandan a sound like a nutjob conspiracy theory here but i'm a i'm a die hard pat fan show a couple years back only here at blankets in a little bit of trouble est all the talk that and he did it on purpose or we knew it was going to happen all that jumped so did the argued beyond there's a conversation that goes down with these guys they say you know what will let you go out get paid if it doesn't work out something comes up your act up a little bit coming comes up we go beyond we got two years jimmy you've got a bad shoulder were picking them up after he's gonna he's going down in san france he's guy shoulders all messed up now so and the question is what they lose i think we're going to pick gives spill of sniper norway's eurorail your on your on order he's done a mind he's you're on the board with no no doubt don't wait if i finished talking because you're not listening to the style it doesn't matter is bloodied you're not with a single sky not on the list but i'm no i'm bringing back the your competes your conspiracy theory is that eventually for now garoppolo will be back three lbh job after now three years where care are natural older wearing care big time i dunno where it's there are two through injury injury point was that he's going to bounce around here because you know the forty this if the forty nine is deal mobs with one coordinator once system this john they deal amani cleveland he's bad teams he's not going to do anything if he sought after useful if he flops uh who he's on bad football teams that has zero value.

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