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Rating. Shaw's when colbert hidden bunker. You are down steve. I know i can. I just thought you'd be down on them but in the end i just love when you get mad so i'm just more trying to t you want me to be down on the case. He needs them as a producer for. We're going to do it well. Because he's a pretty sure that's because you can't do that. Shut up playing fucking queen. Latifah hits at five in the picture being in the car with color. I'll tell you to. The case is gonna take place somewhere in the mid west. Oh you already know. Yeah yeah yeah someplace of west. I'll just tell you that. I just push myself in a car with colonnade at seven in the morning like waiting to go in coin. Just talk you know. I don't know but you know. I'm just trying to help him. I don't want to just turn fucking put gun right in this fucking off and pull the trigger. He so he's the guy was so talkative. Just say shut the coffee. You waffles can make. It's one of those holiday and expresses you just like many talkative based on income. And then he wants to be like an expert on something already. Nobody's radio shut the fuck. You have no fucking spend any time with me. This is the longest we've ever spent together to stop the madness. You have no idea. But does though i think he does. What's your pitch to produce the casey's into yeah ten second pitch ten second pitch. That's just it'll be better than season one. Okay says he gets. You reported that a long time be better one. Okay what are you gonna do. What what can i got up. Okay fine good really pitched. Wow look your all. You didn't solve the case so watch the produce it. What are you talking about. What is his pitch. he's doing the show dumb pitch for eating my pitch it to the barstool was a fucking chiloe. People listening to it made a lot of money for the company. Then why wouldn't is. She older people listen to it. If i produced it. Because they don't need to hear the hits being played you shut your mouth you slob leaning back like that by the way what you look like a slob and your is dave roll out of bed just screaming slob thomas joke in your your posture. He works like hunched over sitting jammed. Back terrible care that you set up in the office with an awful microphone that barely chair from goodwill i have no i have no doubt none like twelve dollars and he fucking bargaining that. They're guys like fourteen years ken he don't want to spend you get into the extra six. That's probably true. By the way actually Simplisafe dot com slash kirk simplisafe dot com slash But you know it varies if your homes you know if you don't have it get it makes your home secure..

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