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I want your love featuring lady Gaga and the new Jack version of sober produced by teddy Riley, legendary toy teddy rally of the swing featuring Craig David has and stuff on so. And. Please. It's either dance my dance. If I remember is kind of like an instrumental. That's cool that I like. But yeah, this is a good album. It's a introduction. The sheikh. If you picked this record up you like it you'll go backwards. Get all their other albums. Other Elms are good. It's good to see. Now Rogers come back. I'm looking forward to seeing what the sequel to this record is. But it's about time. Yes. Indeed. It was glad it's here. Definitely what picking up now? Rodgers and chic with it's about time. Eight and a half at ten all right? And next last night at least. Oh, yeah. The black guy had returned and their album is called mass of the sun. And. Master of the sun is the seventh studio album by American musical group rap group, the black-eyed peas. And this Adam is I in eight years. Wow. Found in two thousand ten the beginning in two thousand nine the end talks about the record about this record after the break after this.

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