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Austin. Be gang cakes type places called right but we'll get the type of cincinnati's. Espn fifteen thirty. Entiere brendel gotta hawk. Show and i listened to the ghetto boys gangster type players know flex because real gangsta like just glad you found edited version. I think i think when we used it for the the old show we just looped like the audio the hook going to be against apart. Yeah they were it. Was you who who spent a lot of time doing that. Work for us back in those days rick. Ut no we had a heck of a team and a heck of a team back in that previous radio. Life rob williams. That does traffic was part of that team. Just couldn't couldn't get off the ground unfortunately but it led to this. Can you say look where everybody. Yeah right richard. Skinner joins us here in a few minutes excited mention this low earlier. Am i gardner. first team. All american on defense announced by the preseason walter camp projections and second team all american ms sanders. Also by walter camp. It's crazy to think where this program's at right. Now that doesn't include desert or one of the top ten quarter quarterbacks in the country josh wiley one of the top tight ends in the country and a ton of depth all over the place. I'm getting excited football. We're i mean saturdays and sundays. The bengals might not be good yet in terms of like they're not competing for a super bowl good yet but they're gonna be so interesting so interesting there's weapons you've got youth and what i hope is a new life on defense. A new lease on life defensively. Because if you look from two thousand nineteen to now who's left. Jessie bates basically your new corner new at von bell next to jessie bates. Nobody really returning it. Linebacker dunlap and gino gone upper. Three right yeah. But back in nineteen he was still a rotate. Like he was on the come up. He wasn't like a staple on that defense yet and terms of lake. Your your hard core like starting defense other other than hubbard. It's all brand new. I talked about that a couple weeks ago. And i think the reason we're not talking about the bengals defense much as we have no idea if they're going to be good or not because we've never seen them play together you would hope we would have had a better grasp on trains and dj. But they both got so. We really don't know what this defense is going to look like what ostensibly like. It'd be exciting and luke old. His squad is going to be a monster just a monster on both sides of the football by the way thank you for heckling that guy to come on with the other day. You're welcome. look. I get it like. That's his job is to. They liked to do that abortion and that's fine. I a big barstool guy. I have been for probably twelve years thirteen years. But if you're going to do it say it with your chest like if somebody comes at you you don't me if somebody comes at me i'll say to you. And he backpedaled war. Because he knew he was. I'll i actually give him more credit for coming on. Knowing he didn't have an argument he knew when that's why he tried to make up that. Espn keanu knew. He didn't have anything to back it. Up that cincinnati's overrated. They are properly rated. It was it was funny though. It was funny watching him back. That'll that but i wanted him to come on with mel because mel is the best at that like getting people on their heels and then just pushing them down the hill very gently and by the bottom of the hill. They're just tumbling most the best at that. Almost as good as he is dunkin cups. It's the month of mouth as tony is called. Do you think he could have got there and don't that. Oh yeah i mean. They tilted i. He didn't have to get up real high. If you look at the video is vertical was like you could slip a piece of paper under there. I'm just glad he didn't get up on anybody shoulders. That would have been dangerous but he changed the course of the season handily. Richard skinner when we come.

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