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Talk somewhere. Hey sorry tell you full from that a little bit later this house? That's promising yes. We can talk about airport stories. Plus some regulation changes calendar changes. That will almost certainly be have the date by the time you hear this. Plus what would have happened in the right girl? Pray I RECKON. I know exactly what would have happened. We're going to review the we call it the note. Borrego Vegas someone's already got that name for these sports rights sort of what we call it but that's all this episode of box of jokes. You're listening to bucks of neutrons with Michael Lemon Atto James and David tench like elementary and Rub Jibes from the comfort of our own homes. It's somehow less comfortable than being the studio also. Not Seeing anybody. It's weird yeah. It is a bit strange but that said I can say why pay to McGinley with sorry founded I mean to. I'm always on box of neutrals wearing tracksuit pants side. This is nothing new for me. It's just a bit more echoey. I'll tell you what the next few months listeners. They're going to be so annoyed by the end of it is a very different. Sound to what what you see in fact. I would argue the last eighteen months. The sales qualities aggressively Lusa. I think it's fair to say male. It's just echo ya well so I do like in the last three weeks. We've gone from not neighbor to begin to absolute latest homeless. These are the end times everyone. He's not he's not on any never has made so forget about it. You don't want one of the early a little bit of box of neutrals history you and are used to feud regularly about the quality of the audio off. Whenever I used to edit I would put it at three hundred twenty kilobits stare insisted sixty four hours perfectly acceptable creative differences. We found a middle ground. I think it's at ninety six the podcast. It's all the NBN can handle so never quoting in an echo you were with my headphone Jack. Up against much exit pants. It's it's a depth in trying to nine six. Podcast is all about accessibility. Quality of a of a panel and a podcast studio. When you can just do it at harm. Click a lot on them on my mouth. She kinda here at Monaco. But here it get you. I come through in the end it. It'll that is something. Yes you'll hear the cable it's going to be because we've got all the computers I see. It's the same for you say you because it's not good enough. You're not gonNA computer setup around us. It's likely these like working from home. It's it's a new experience for everybody. I guess that's why it's GonNa be for the foreseeable future for box of neutrals but will soldier on Sunday exactly right. I suspect will never be able to coax pay to be Gidley onto a show ever again because once he's home he's beyond reach as anybody fancy the calendar or a couple of years ago the very expensive calendars lost. He's in the UNIBOND. Michelle says stateful. Campbell's chunky soup. Ed Jack Daniels in the background before it was cool lettuce chain. Yes China's in the last couple of weeks we had the trailing curl pray. We then had the canceled postponed in the end. The Bahrain growing praise just when he thought the bar and Grill impre. We wouldn't have to sit through it. I think there were a bad literally three or four different visions all right most of rice in the digital world at some point. I have an aunt in rally on Monday morning. It's incredible because we obviously deciding what to do for this podcast. You might have noticed. This not really eighty four. This time. We thought we'd go and have a look at what happened in the racing world overnight. I did say one of the many Bahrain Grand Prix but I didn't realize to looking it up. How bloody many of these things? They were overnight. Candidate isn't there. Some kind of is this because of competition law like what's GonNa do. We have to have five different ones. Have One this is why they just be one. Formula One and INDYCAR and champ schism that American open wheel racing had prove. It just doesn't work. We just need one dictator shifts to rule all of the one of the one. And that's it. So this is what's happened. We've had three unsanctioned run divisions of the Byron Parade ever on trying to put the writing sponsors on their own cars and this is like wealthy with cricket. Seriously these exactly what it's like except somehow the only common thread. He's lander Doris who's either all of them. Except when he's Internet connections not working. He's on the post of rolling on the media for all of them. Somehow I say somehow he's managed to compete in older rises. I only had to stay. Home and asks the organizers to not have them clash so I guess it's actually very achievable also Nicholas. Latifi was in all of them as well as far as I can tell and also Nico convert. Actually he's on the postal one of them but I can't tell if he actually competed in it. It's a bit confused. Yeah well for all we know could have been just the Landau Norris. At one point in the form of the one vision wasn't physically can pay the Digital Ladda. Toco away presumably. He must've piked the former. Do something else on. Twitch could do more than one strain but you know. This is linear and scary. Well that we would leave it. I'll tell you what really enjoyed f. One twenty eight again solid from scratch as last year too Bizarre Korea. So Nah partnering Katari my bizarre unsanctioned Rogue Administration. I've been meaning to get on twenty nine hundred still on seventeen but unfortunately it still one hundred dollars and given the way the dollar's going nuts one or two houses really. I caught really justify that cutter expansive not yet. Anyway I do. But he's the thing I saw the press release drop for the F. One Virtual Grand Prix series called for all the canceled races way period rice period on period. But I do like when they obviously decided. I'm going to do it. They didn't know who was going to do it so they said they will be several formula. One drivers and they didn't name them and of course I will just lend a nurse in but why not. I didn't watch all the broadcast. I watched the rice and a little bit before and a little bit afterwards on Youtube. I should say and they obviously didn't have video of any of the drivers because they're all at home. Why didn't they just say they had all of them? And just have the iris each other. Isn't that the solution? True at the very least you could. Co is the drivers to do a very similar set up. Today's neutral on just recording talk interior regret. I would've watched that actually with. There's no proof that very well markle that could be. The reality would have been a fight break. None of these drivers who the hell we saw it. Could you imagine a world where side dropping for Alfa Romeo look if he pays enough cyanide can do whatever he wants you could rice and whatever TV likes? I'm looking at the list of some of the. So I'm looking at the the not Bahrain Grand Prix which was not one version. It's not the official version. This is the one that if you're in Australia I think it was at four. Am or something some ridiculous time? And I'm looking at the the billing ride own the names on the poster and you can always tell i. Guess what someone thinks of you. Judging by whether you're in the headline six or in the little tick six the bottom now. I- landowners is always number one right because he's a current F one driver people on the Internet like you. He's got a nice smile. He's good good quality. He's thinking that community as well. Sorry actually has a pool in the visual and the real world. I think he's twitched. Rame had I don't know if a witch rice off all of the more about one hundred thousand viewers which is a lot. Which is I the comments on by accident and it was dizzy. H. Twitter is. The Best of truth has apparently might have been the biggest baseball. Tavis rain during the world. Which is pretty nuts isn't it and considering he wasn't racing for most of the F. whatever it was just he was just calling Max. V Stephens. The most well attended phone. Call maybe in history. Who's to say so in Lender Norris Nicholas Latifi Chew Current F? One drivers. I get it. They don't unstoppable van Dorn former aide driver Nico Hogan Burgis in here. But he's not next. It goes Tibo Courtois. I don't know who that is. I think he plays football not sure from Australia. Place we give me and then this will in a WHO. I've I'd probably I don't know who that is and then Nico Hockberg have how would you? You're a lemond winner man you're Lemond Weena and you'll behind to people who are not involved in motor racing those. I can't say them on my list. Maybe maybe it was an outdated list. Who knows maybe was changed. I did he that they were. I think Norris overstaffing pulled out of one of them because of a reason. I'm not sure it's a very political world but I don't understand. It is a very bizarre like the one that I have in trying to make because the problem with all of these virtual barring grown spray is if I can't tell which one's which on nine points were awarded and is now a trophy to five four and they just mocking. You're on the incident that would've made nostrils which one is the legitimate one. But could you imagine what in what bizarre world are we living in? Where Johnny Herbert Teammate? Is someone cold? Saw Alfa Romeo. Nicolas Hamilton is driving for McLaren alongside. Land I nervous Hamilton. That one. I didn't know that Nick Leeson differently. Campbellton altogether for all I can. Holcombe bug is back at rising point for his fifth stint in that same and then Stoffel Vandana Esteban. Good air. Is Chris Hoy. That's not bad cyclist renner had Gulf and pulse as it was just bizarre. I get her and also isn't Liam Payne from one direction. You can tell because he's name on the game he's Liam Payne officials so you must be important if he's put officially these hang on. Hang on hang on the trial. I'll say this I will do a second run. There's no facades inbox if you just went on pretending. Everyone knows what's going on. We're all quarantined. Under lockdown in Melvin. And the only way we could figure out how to record on such like notice only knew we were doing.

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