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Selling a rare pair of his Jordan's for the cause and so I think that's still going on Let's see you can buy these Disney face masks? I saw these this morning. That pretty cool. They come in packs of four for twenty bucks and they donate a million sales to corona virus relief efforts and then they're also giving out a million masks to children and families and areas that can't afford the four pack for twenty dollars especially now with their. They're kind of saying that you know kids to and over should be wearing masks when out in public places even like on Monday Looks LIKE COSTCO? They're gonNA start making or Shoppers where masks including kids. That are to an over. You have to have a mask on so this could be an easier. Way To get the kids to wear masks Sent a story over to Kylie. I Dunno if you posted from the L. A. Times talking about that as far as kids that are to and over and the doctor suggesting that they wear masks when they're around people in public places so if you want to read that Franken DOT COM But today is the you know. Red To orange so went as of midnight this morning Kind OF THE SOFT OPENING OF UTAH. Some businesses but again. They're they're saying that. Hey when you're out in public places you need to wear your mass. There's a mask initiative that's that's out there with the State of Utah to so you don't have a mask ahead listener angie and some other listeners were saint thanks for mentioning it yesterday. Texas into the show So Corona Virus Dot Utah Dot Gov. There's an order form there that you can get free masks the reusable so that way. There's really no excuse. I can't get one and I know people can't get them. I mean they're either not not on social media or they don't have anybod- any way to you know there's some people that just don't have people around him making the masks or a way to get him asked. This is a way to get one for free. And what is the website? It'S CORONA VIA DOT Utah Dot Gov. Perfect Yeah Kevin was looking at looking at that last night. He's like well. You get free masks Mike. We have messed. What are you trying to stock up? Leave for the rest of the People. But what an interesting world you know. Even with our kids like having to start wearing the masks like it's just it's just interesting but it phrases. It's a good way for us to protect ourselves. Everybody else and then. Nbc's going to air the feeding America Comedy Festival. That one is going to go down ten. We've talked about that. The biggest names in comedy are going to contribute prerecorded segments like Eddie Murphy. Tiffany haddish a ton of CELEBS. So that'll be a four-month may tenth. That's around Mother's Day weekend. So a lot of celebs doing good. And then I've got some pictures posted Frankie and just dot com and we were talking about this yesterday. Poor Britney Spears God. Blessed WOMAN BURN DOWN. Her Home Gym so this House. She's had she's had it for eighteen years and her reps came out after she posted that video and they're like. Oh wasn't as bad as she made it out to be. You know it wasn't completely burned down. We just had to renovate it after that happened to. Candles fell over. She loves to set the mood and have this hobby than the mood. Things are fire in Jimmy. Kimmel made a funny joke last night on his You know because he's doing it from home wherever and I don't have the audio but he made a point good point he's like it takes me forty five minutes to start a campfire but yet she's able to catch your gym on fire with candles. It's true that is a really good point now. Did you do that Britney? Here's a clip with her talking about it and announcing on instagram. You Jim Right here for six months because I burned my gym down. Unfortunately I had she does wanting led to another and I brought it up so I only thing I can think of this. She kept him lit. Maybe and then forgot about. Yeah something happened because I know that happened years ago. There was a woman that worked here in the building and I came in from the weekend. Whatever you know again. Nobody was in the building and the sprinklers. Sprinklers had gone off in the and there was water everywhere. Things were wet and it was a woman that we worked with the in her office. She left the candle burning and caught. The you know the wall. I went up so the whole building. Obviously. Didn't go up. Because the sprinkler system kicked in but it was something that she had left burning so maybe it was one of those where she just forgot about. It caught something I guess. I don't know something that was close to the wall or I don't know how did you do that. Yeah she had to have forgotten. They were there or you know if you watch her. She's really fast with her movements. Maybe she you know she kicked kicked him over. She knocked him over and then it was like up in flames with the drapes. Then you'd be like with our guests if something had been flammable like Jim. There's really nothing there. That's that's flammable. There must have been something. God bless her man. I can't I forgot about that woman that worked at the radio station. Could YOU IMAGINE I burn down? The radio station came on like you said forget about over a weekend and then it was. You know coming in like oh I mean it was. Everything was soaked. Gee Everything was so. Things were ruined studios no not in the studios but just part of the building. Yeah was this all. Like watered gone everywhere. Things were it was crazy. That is crazy right. Yep and then coming up next hour eight twenty you WanNa stick around Michael Jordan. Any we know he's rich. Does he have a place up Up North you know he in Park City whatever that what think so maybe but yeah he does have a place where rich people hang on. The market was on the mark. He's been trying to sell it for a while but I don't know if he did a good call. I forgot about that. But he's so rich he where he wants turned down a million. I can't even say it because it's just crazy me hundred million dollars so I'll tell you why you turned it down and the story is just. It's insane so that's coming up. And then what they're going to do with the rest of the season of the voice because people love that show so we'll have the update at eight twenty ninety seven. One Frankie Franken just show. Podcast here on iheartradio maligned. That would be Tony. Just Gano talking picture. Thank you the down. Please okay. We're sitting down Hey what's up? How are you guys holding? We're doing good Hey did you get a chance to see the flyover yesterday with f? Thirty five's from Hill. I did what an amazing moment that is. Just you know I. I've seen you remember. What the Challenger. The space shuttle flew over about ten years ago. What do yeah. It's just a terrific feeling you know so yeah I really I really enjoy that it was noisy. I think everybody was kind of kind of boulder wound by the noise but Just just a great moment. What a beautiful sky. That was too. Yeah it was perfect because we were worried about the weather like you know maybe hindering at as far as them flying but up it was perfect. Yeah Yeah so How's everything at the at? The radio station is the Salad Bar Bat not yet. We're hoping hoping maybe in the next couple of weeks. We'll bring the salad bar. Yeah we're trying to eat your soup and Salad Bar. So how about you you hanging in there you good yeah? I. It's it's been very weird but I've been busier now that I've ever ever been before because Studios are scrambling to get you. Know a get their movies out and heard about and all of that. So I I've been doing about four interviews a day You know from my home studio here and it's been just Almost overwhelming with With you know how how. They're trying to open movies You know so that. They can recoup their money. It's IT'S I. It's a scramble. Well invo yeah. We've mentioned the trolls movies. So that was like just kind of blew everybody away so the first three weeks it made almost one hundred million dollars ton with the whole on-demand thing yeah and and You know it sets a precedent But again you know you have a lot of families you know. Hold up so to speak you know quarantine with nothing new to see and so that came at the right time I. I'm not sure if something like fast and furious nine or or Top Gun you know to is going to bring in that kind of numbers at home but you know the world has changed and maybe theaters do have something to worry about. Yeah true and then you mentioned this. Last week I touched on at the Oscars making changes so it. Sounds like there's more on that that they're gonNA have to to make changes. I guess next year well the Oscars now have have removed the the consideration that that movies have to open in theaters to be considered an for an Oscar. Which is a huge Change because now things that are premiering on Netflix's around on demand or or whatever are will be considered this year for Oscars We're in the past. You couldn't do that. You couldn't have a movie made for television The you know basically be considered so Again another big change in and You Know I. Can you put the genie back in the bottle? Once they do this you know is that can be the way it is from then on So yeah the point. Don't know it's a concern You WanNa start it off here. I know you have a few things that you WANNA talk about. As far as to watch sure let's start off with with on ABC TV. It's called school school. This is a spin off of the Goldberg. Oh Yeah we're takes place in the niners. Oh Yeah Yeah and and The daughter lady is now as a teacher. William Penn Academy and Zany well written funny little show. I didn't hear you jess. It's a really good. My husband and I liked the show. See I don't like this. One is much as we like the goldbergs because the goldbergs eighties. One and this one is a little. I don't know but I think it's done. Well obviously the same people that atom whatever. His name is Adam his name is but yeah so but it's it's good but I don't like it as much as the goal. It is geared for a slightly younger crowd to. Yeah it's it's classic. It's it's really really very well written. I liked it enough to give it up. Be Cool So if you're if you want something fun to watch this might be it you know. Also the Goldberg Still. You know doing really really well Tv PG and that's on ABC TV cool and that's been out for a little bit. Yeah and I'm sure a lot of people are a lot more people are probably watching it now. next one is what's.

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