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I'm glad you said tub in that something where we'd have to quickly chances vague or will i dunno i feel like perverts can use us nor ask in ways that i can't imagine while then that makes you the trooper um issue right in conflict pervert was miala lug what were we talking to her attackers okay so onions lettuce tomato you eat lettuce and tomato all the time all it i don't have anything against it why said i'll white tomatoes i do like you know what i feel like tomatoes have been given a bad name by bed tomatoes lately okay to seal unflavored full tomatoes that then i'm just i'm not interested you heard it here first time lexus tomatoes flavor walta taco bell ada tomatoes you get a greener way those are not ripe tomatoes he advocate um let nobody has gone italian the tomatoes uh people they're going for the el fresco menu might be is that still exist i think so they were like we'll be triple rewrite will win everybody and and even when support laced started making everyone's sick all the time they still couldn't make it yeah that's when they should have by doubled that on their efforts taco bell the best food place um certainly the like the the spin the most consistent yeah the most go to like you know he's gonna talk about on nope the uh they're they're always what you're expecting right and as a vegetarian yeah ouour them early on i knew option harried it's the best place in the world guetta yeah he get sick of kenny garbage he can eat frightened grilledcheese but yeah i mean i'm sure you go dita crunchy crunching the good of mehta me you can go to mcdonalds and say give me a big mac without the meat and they'll do it but then you're just see us lappia.

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