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For three hundred million dollars after Barack Obama gave him a CIA contract worth six hundred million dollars. Interesting. Jeff biz base. I think it's basis he said a new record. He lost more money than anyone in history. And it doesn't matter in two days. He lost nineteen point two billion dollars trading on on the stock market. It's you know, on paper, technically, it has the most money ever lost by anyone in that amount of time. According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, but don't feel bad for Jeff. He woke up after having lost nineteen point two billion dollars. Keep in mind that the point to is two hundred million dollars. The rounding error that he just drop off as a tip at lunch is two hundred s great. He's a very successful. He figured something out and the world beat a path to his door. He built a better mousetrap. And he has been rewarded for an extraordinary fashion. He's still worth after losing nineteen point two billion dollars in two days. He's still worth I think are comfortable one hundred twenty eight point one billion dollars. Again, the point one is one hundred million dollars. He did peak out. However last month at one hundred sixty seven point seven billion dollars one hundred sixty seven point seven billion dollars. Now, it's down to one hundred twenty eight point one billion most people could probably get by on the point one billion for a couple of years at least hundred million dollars here. And there the Washington Post they have this Greg sergent guy his very angry. He he doesn't like Trump. Don't now President Trump announced yesterday. I do we have the thing from the vox interview where he's talking about. Oh, I'm sorry. It's axios where the president is talking about. And it's kind of weird because he's talking to this reporter guy and the reporter asked him. Well, what about ending birthright citizenship? Can you do that by executive order and the president is like, yeah. I can't do it by executive order. Yeah. I might do it by executive order. I don't know if he got the idea right here, you know, Bronco or not, but you know, Barack Obama he is the executive order for all kinds of things that were at least stretching the bounds of constitutionality. He's circumvented the congress at every turn that that awful horrible. Iran deal was not a treaty even though in history. It's a new it's the only nuclear non treaty we've ever signed up for and Barack Obama. He just has no use for branches of government. He just signed it in the news media. Oud. An. Odd. And they thought it was wonderful. So the reporter with axios not vox, but axios sitting down with President Trump yesterday who does more media interviews in a week than Barack Obama does in a year or did in a year while he was president. And and he's asked about this birthright citizenship thing now to be clear for those who don't know birthright citizenship is if you're on US soil when you give birth you're a woman or a democrat man, and you're giving birth and you're on US soil. You can literally pole vault across the border in Canada land in upstate New York. Pop out a Muffin and boom the Muffin as a US citizen. Now, you can be a wanted criminal in Ukraine, and if you are on a layover at Chicago's O'Hare airport, and you go into the delta lounge and you give birth. The mother is not a US citizen the mother's not with anyone else. Else that child born in the delta lounge at Chicago's O'Hare airport to Ukrainian war criminal. Who is not a US citizen is are you a US citizen? The baby is the US citizen. This is insane. In the age of jets, and automobiles and high-speed trains. This is insane. And I've been saying for years and years and years that we should put an end to this and President Trump has mumbled about it. He's talked about it here and there a little bit. And and yesterday he was asked about it. And he gave this answer this little back and forth on immigration, some legal scholars believe you can get rid of birthright citizenship without changing the constitution. We ordered. Exactly, right. Have you thought about this? Tell them all it was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Number one, number one. You don't need that number. Over it. You can definitely do it with an act of congress. But now they're saying I can do just with an executive order now how ridiculous with the only country in the world where a person comes in has a baby and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for eighty five years with all of those benefits. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. And it has to end and have you talked about that with council. So where in the process in the process it'll happen. An executive order. That's what you're talking about. Yes. Exactly. I didn't think anybody but knew that. But me, I thought I was the only one the only one who knew that says he's talked to counsel about it. That's come up and. I know I hope he does it'll it'll raise constitutional hackles and there'll be a fight over it. And then we'll be talking about it. And it's something that we should be talking about one way or the other. Well, Greg surgeon is a lefty, and he types for Dr evil, and he's at the doctor evil posts. He's got this headline this morning. Don't fall for Trump's desperate race baiting birthright citizenship stunt now, you really don't have to read the piece at that point. Do you have where Greg Sargent the journalists stands on this story? And where the Washington Post stance on the story because Greg doesn't really get to clear his own headlines either it's a desperate race baiting birthright citizenship stunt and says stunt and it's race baiting, and it's desperate. That's just in the headline. That's good stuff. Yeah. Right now as you desperate race baiting. Stunts I think like. What was his name Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri hands up don't shoot that was a desperate race baiting? Stunt the beer summit. With sergeant Crowley end. Skip gates the professor from Harvard who got locked out of his own house because he's not so smart after all and then got arrested for being abusive to the place desperate race baiting political stunt Trayvon Martin desperate race baiting political stunt, Freddie, gray the heroin dealer in Baltimore, desks with the cops are all the bad guys. You know, Hispanic black cops, they're all the racists and bad guys. Remember that since then more than a dozen police officers have been targeted and killed murdered by lefties who are just setting out to murder police officers that wasn't happening before Barack Obama launched his war against the place. But I noticed that the news media never talks about this. When five police officer murdered at a black lives matter rally, that's led by Al Sharpton in Dallas, the news media. Never connects these dots. These are unconnected. That's there. Like dirt in tied the dots. Just spread out. Never to be connected again. And you guys are the desperate race baiting. You're the clan. Your Jim crow, your Jefferson Davis, your slavery. You're the confederacy you're standing in schoolhouse doors. You're a boarding forty percent of the black population. You're harvesting their organs, and you're giving out a words for it. And I gotta say I'm not really eager to sit around and be called a racist by people like you you literally collect their organs. Literally. It's quite amazing. The Washington Post has another one typed up by they got three people more and more because they worked for the richest men in the world they no longer assigned one reporter to a story they signed three four five sometimes six reporters to a story. I don't know how you have type that up together. It must be painful shooting victims family. This is back to Pittsburgh now shooting victims families shuns, President Trump in Pittsburgh as top officials declined to join him. They don't mention that. There are left wing Democrats who are filled with hatred for Trump and are pushing the civil war thing here in the United States. But they've got you know, more rubbed blanket. Avi. Selleck Mark Berman all typing for the Democrats here. Morning family doesn't want to meet him. Well, it's not mandatory. They don't have to know. It's you you you you can do whatever you want. That's that's fine. Now, if someone refused to meet with. With President Obama. They were racists, they were horrible people there. The media dumped all over them because they were horrible people. If someone doesn't want to meet with Trump, it's because they're heroic if they don't want to go to the White House after winning the stupor bowl or something the World Series, then they're heroes for being part of the resistance. Right. And they found a family, and you know, God bless them. They're in mourning. But the news media's year to capitalize on their morning and to exploit them for disgusting racist political purposes, I just threw in racist. Because it's more fun that way, I think now let's go to let's go to the, oh, I've got another one to the news media's excited about this. And then I want to go to the rabbi. The Washington Examiner congressional leaders decline invites to join Trump in Pittsburgh. Now the fake news media. They're saying even Republican congressional leaders refused to go with Trump. That's silly and stupid. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and house speaker Paul Ryan both had scheduling conflicts, they already had obligated themselves to be elsewhere. So they couldn't go with the president on Air Force One up to Pittsburgh for this solemn event. However, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and minority. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, we're invited to join Trump in Pennsylvania, but declined they didn't claim they had a scheduling conflict or anything in the kind. They just said they're not going because they're not with us. That said it's not just that they're not with Trump and they're not with Republicans. We know that there are filled with hatred for that. And they and they we had this this clown. Also is the clowns Stiller is a while. Now, it's. Oh as an online clown saying. Oh, yeah. You should Hillary called Republicans every name in the book prove it. Here's Chris Plante show waiting for some proof of your claim turned fifty five this morning that Hillary calls people every name in the book. I don't know where have you been in jail and North Korea for the last couple of years or what you could play half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables races,.

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