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But it was just asking way too much of them to bank on the second half or the final stretch if you will of the season. I'm glad you mentioned Mark Anthony K and Ritchie larae, right? Because it wasn't just the two Italians that came in. There's a lot of changes, a lot of upheaval that this Toronto of C team has gone through over the course of this season. I don't know if it reminded you at all of the end of the regular season last year with LAFC. Remember, they needed some points at the end and end up shipping 5. I think it was against Colorado to get eliminated from postseason contention. And it kind of happened here, although it didn't just happen against Orlando, it was as you say, the last few games, they've shipped four goals in each of their last three games, which were effectively as we see now they're eliminated, must wins for postseason contention. That's not something that I think bob Bradley is going to feel very good about. That this team was that loose in these big games down the stretch. That can not sit well with the coach like Bradley. No, absolutely not. But if you look at one of them was against their rivals against Montreal, a game that you were winning. And to have it turned around in your home field in front of your fans, it's not a good feeling. And Atlanta, a team that you think on paper, you definitely have a good chance against puts four against you and then Orlando is a team that's very difficult to open up champions and whatnot, but you certainly do not expect in three games to give up 12 goals. A real quick here because obviously we go right off this season, the guys come in late. Next season, playoffs are bus for Bradley and TFC. Right. No excuses. You could put an asterisk on this season if you want, but there's really no excuse this season. It just wouldn't consider it a failure. All right. Let's get to the ugly, then it features my beloved D.C. United, not for their latest defeat, unfortunately. They lost three two two inter Miami over the weekend. The result not the focus here. Instead, it's the incident between Damian loew and taxi fontas, in which fantastic is alleged to have racially abused the Jamaican international. Out of the match shortly after the incident and on TV, you could see both managers as well as some inter Miami players coming together to discuss what had occurred. For more, let's hear from someone who was there, Phil Neville, the inter Miami manager, had this to say after the match. I think there's no place at all for racism on a football field in society. I've just been speaking to the owners all three owners. And they 100% agree that there's no, there's no way in the world that any form of racism should be happening on a football field and I must commend I must commend my players to keep in their car. I must commend the referee for a really, really, really difficult situation. He followed the protocol set out by the MLS. And I must give massive massive respect to Wayne Rooney for dealing with dealing with it in the way that he did. Those are the words of Phil Neville how about this from Deandre yedlin via Pablo mauer at MLS on Twitter. He had been saying Damien and another player got into a scuffle as Damien walks away one of their guys call him the N word pretty clear what Deandre yedlin heard as for taxi fun task he gave a statement on social media effectively denying and not just denying. I think you can say vehemently denying the allegations there says he is falsely accused. All right, hurt. It's another sad chapter where we see soccer and racism coming together. What's your reaction from what we saw in this game between D.C. United and inter Miami? It's sad on so many levels. Especially this week and it's racism's always sad alleged racism. I should say, due process here of what taxi fontas and let the information come to light. But it's disappointing because in a weekend where at least the world's attention was on Vinicius junior if he scores will he dance and the underlying racism in La Liga and in Spain and how that was coming to a head. This happens in your bubble. Our bubble here. On our neck of the Woods, our sector remind you that this is still very prevalent in the world. It's sad because you never want to see this happen, but it's also a reminder that things haven't changed. Not too long ago, it was a diameter area. Diamond excuse me. LAFC forward who accused a Portland timbers player of racism. What came about that? And investigation and nothing else. And then it was, then it was a Portland timbers player, Chara, Diego Chara who accused fraca palm of Minnesota of the exact same thing. And what came about that it was an investigation and nothing else. So here we are again. Another investigation, and now you have players, players that a lot of people would vouch for. Yedlin, Andre yedlin, U.S. men's national veterans, saying he heard something saying, it's now up to the league. And how they will respond will be very telling. Here we are again. Another investigation, what will come upon this because we keep hearing from the league. Zero tolerance when it comes to this type of an event. Well, this is now the third time that I can recall in the last few seasons where there's been this type of event. Will it just get swept under the rug? Will there be nothing was found type of type of notification or press release? Something needs to come up with this, because it can't just be zero tolerance until people stop paying attention. So you mentioned her at the MLS investigations and specifically the case with Diego cherin and Fraga pane of Minnesota United last year, MLS did an investigation. And in that investigation, they couldn't corroborate what was allegedly said. So that's why you get no suspension. You get no punishment. Here, at least based on what we heard from Phil Neville and Deandre ya, then just those two guys alone, and I think it's also important to point out what

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