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So please ask your questions for Matthew. Answer You're ready I'm ready. Let's write a little longer than it usually is awfully everyone and still still with us So what got you into real estate. While so I got a little later starred than most I think especially the folks I see on the show but I I've been an entrepreneur. My whole life started in the health club industry Jim For sixteen years? Until. Yeah not like I used to in Pittsburgh. Sold that In twenty seventeen couple years before I sold that I started another company called keystone bath in Pittsburgh we specialized in like one day bathroom modeling for Seniors walk in tubs walk in showers all that stuff. That's incredible. One day. Yeah. Yeah. One Day installs and there's a huge demographic of older folks in Pittsburgh. So that business did really well I got an offer to sell that even though I wasn't actively looking to sell and so I found myself in December. Of twenty seventeen. Again without job talking to my wife, what are we going to do? What's my next move and I watched a youtube video for Maxwell? And decided. This looks cool. This kind of fits my my skill set it's sales it's real estate which I'm interested in I. Then watched a bigger pockets podcast with a guy named Lance Wakefield who is a wholesaler out of Dallas? Texas I tracked him down. At the time he was doing four, hundred, thousand dollars a month and I said I WANNA learn how to do this? He was nice enough to Kinda show me the ropes..

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