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I know this is the doorman season for many of you, probably the doorman hours. So wanting to stay under the covers a little bit of a brisk morning, but go ahead and give me a call. We're talking about trees in the tree and shrubs they'll coming up with wildflowers kind of perked me up. It's one of my favorite topics talking about trees. And I remember I grew up in upstate New York was referencing this earlier, and we lived in a really an amazing place. It's like from our front window. We could see mountains and forests in our front yard to kind of bled. Into a former apple orchard and everywhere. Trees trees trees banged innocent gigantic trees, and when I moved to Texas, I kind of missed that eastern forest. Look. I was very fortunate in all going up. But over time, I've come to love the hill country plants just as much, you know, we don't get the giant towering trees unless you count these bald cypress Nikkei Asian live oak. But the the beauty of the smaller trees those rugged plants like the Lacey oak that was talking about just terrific. And you know, we used to celebrate our Arbor day in Texas. In January was considered the ideal time for a long time for decades. Really? And so, you know. It's still great time to plan. Did you know we've moved Arbor day or recommended planning time earlier in our I should say later into the year in October. But this is still ideal. Really and go ahead and put some things in the ground, and they will flourish for you. I tell you what I'm not able to see the names that are popping up here. So I can't call you by name, but I'm going to just kind of dive in here. And if you can hear me on your phone at home, please go ahead and ask your question. Yes. Hi. My name's Christina. I'm calling out. Thanks for calling. I. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much. Listen calling about potentially planting zoysia. Okay. I've got we purchased a house here a couple years ago. And I've been battling the lawn for quite some time. I mean, I I've got every kind of in there you name it. I got it. But I really want to put something in there. That's obviously drought resistant. It's not gonna take too much water. Bunn was hoping you can make a recommendation, and I think I'm still within that window here. Pre-spring and. Well, you don't want to put down Saad. Now. You wanna wait until things are warm a newly playside, even if it's a tough plant. This is going to be more vulnerable to a cold snap or something like that. You could lose the plants. So you really do want to what you have time to really plan this out. I love. Responsibly removing the weeds is probably paramount. Okay. You can it's harder to Sola rise them. That means cook them out, you know, during this time of year of the way that people chief as putting down black plastic. This denying the plants light and water that could be very effective. But you know, again, it's hard to this time of year. It's slower thing people who do that usually wait till things warm up, and it's a very effective way of killing the weeds, and what former turf you have. And. If you wait until the springtime, it can work in the spring prior to your planting. Okay. One thing I tell people to do about solar rising is choose chooses sunny day to do this preferably warm sunny day, but you before you solo rise plans, you can purchase products called twenty percent vinegar. And it's exactly what this is a very heavy concentrated vinegar. You spray it undiluted onto the weeds and on a hot sunny day that will fry the top of the weeds, and in some cases, kill the weeds natives, no lingering harm whatsoever to the soil, or whatever you planned. That's step. One is shock the weeds and kind of speed up the process, and then after the vinegars dried cover it with a black plastic, and if the weather's warm and meeting over eighty degrees doesn't take too long to really. Just cook that soil and make the ground ready to put out your turf, okay before it depends on what kind of soil. You're in an and tell me where you are. We're off of two ninety here in dripping springs. Okay. So you have probably Colegio soils. So ideally, you want to bring in some turf soil and compost to have to you have and and spread that before he put down turf grass. Okay. Okay. And then go ahead and put your turf down zoysia is better than Saint Augustine. I'll say that. Okay. I'm palisade. And some of the varieties are really great be careful which variety you do. Choose some of them. They're they're beautiful grass, and I had a small patch turf. In a garden on created a few years ago. He's emerald zoysia. I would never recommend to anybody else ever. It is a beautiful grass. But it is so dense. It takes two passes to mow it. Well, and and then it scars when you even if you keep your blade on your more, really sharp. It's scars. Good such a tough Grasset scars, and it's thirsty as well. I didn't think it's any less thirsty. Sound esteem? Sure grass. I most would recommend to you would be either buff are native buffalo or.

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