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Businesses helping an 18 year old hockey player left paralyzed following an accident on the ice. Two people are dead, another seriously injured after a fire breaks out in a triple decker last night on Jock have in Worcester. Officials are offering a reward for information leading to the location and arrest of a message juice. It's man and connection to the murder of a Yale student now back to our top story. The Senate reaching a deal to skip witness testimony in the impeachment trial. The agreement, averting a prolong, try allow and setting up closing arguments from both sides today. It was a lot of confusion this morning and senators voting earlier in the day to adjourn while they tried to work out a deal. Closing arguments are now underway. Senators agreeing to accept new information from a GOP congresswoman about Trump's actions the day of the capital siege in closing arguments, House manager David Cellini from Rhode Island Arguing then President Trump had to have known Mike Pence was in danger before posting a tweet attacking him. Does it strike you as credible? Nobody. Not a single person informed the president at his vice president has been evacuated or that the president Didn't glance at the television or his Twitter account. Acquittal still still seems likely underscored by news today that Republican leader Mitch McConnell does plan to acquit President Trump Former President Trump and we've learned new details today about a shouting match between the House Republican leader and the former president on January 6th. When the capital was under attack. ABC is Rachel Scott has more from Capitol Hill, a source familiar telling ABC News Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump got into a shouting match and the insurrection was unfolding. The source says McCarthy was on the phone with Trump pleading with him to tell his supporters to stand down, telling him he heard gunfire outside the House chamber. But Trump allegedly responded. Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more of set about the election than you are. Final vote in the impeachment trial could come as early as five o'clock tonight. We'll bring you the very latest on this historic trial throughout the day. Right here in WBC news radio 10 30. The work in Washington continues on President Joe Biden's $1.9 Trillion Covert relief plan. CBS is Ed O'Keefe has more on that over in the house. They were working on that on that code word relief plan. That work will continue in the coming week, and it's expected Democrats will approve it in in the next two weeks, you know, then head over to the Senate one key Republican Susan Collins of Maine, signal this week that she'd been in touch with the president. About finding a way still to get Republicans to support the plan. President Biden met with governors yesterday to discuss his plan, while most of us have to book an appointment to get a vaccination, But some local veterans have to just show up. WBZ is Matt Sheer explains Bridge to Value is the nurse manager in the covert unit at the West Roxbury via getting vaccinated was a no brainer for her. I was so excited. It was like Christmas morning. I was just so giddy the night before for both doses. Now she gets to spread the joy. The local veterans of a has teamed up with the city of Boston to launch a walk in clinic here at the Dorchester V. F. W Maybe that Jim Holland for Milton gives it rave reviews. I can't say enough about the job they did in there, you know, again, 26 years in the Navy, that's probably as organized as any evolution I ever saw in the Navy. Jim says he's ready to get back to a somewhat normal life, and Bryn sees the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels hopeful for the first time and in a year match your WBZ Boston's news radio, a growing number of local elected officials on Cape Cod, are joining state lawmakers and criticizing Governor Baker on the state's vaccine rollout. WBC's Tim Dunn has that this after a group of over 20 state lawmakers criticized the vaccine roll out this week. But down in the cave, which has the largest senior population of Massachusetts, with more than 27,000 residents over 75 years old distribution has been as low as 975 doses per week to Barnstable County. On Thursday, Kate Claude State Senator Julian Seer criticized Governor Baker saying he continues to leave the Cape unable to access the vaccine. On Friday found with town manager Julian Suso sent a letter to the governor, saying the current allocation of vaccines to the region is quote woefully inadequate, adding that over 4000 found with residents are over the age of 75. The Army's Board of Selectmen also penned a letter to the governor setting the low distribution the Barnstable County and the lack of a mass vaccination site on Cape Cod. Tim done WBZ Boston's news radio. You're listening to W b z 10 31 7.9 ht two available everywhere within my heart Ready lap now number one for podcasting and on hundreds of devices like Alexa Google Home X box and so knows.

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