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Of this were planted you know a generation and a half ago now I mean this is not something that's come up in the Adam Silver Regime fuck off then that'd be it for the so I don't think so no I think he would be sending Roman over there to Kowtow no Roman we've never seen again morning I should mention this is the official sponsor of every zoe simmered soccer trip when we have in the morning and she wants to eat going we stop at the Dunkin' near our house and gets the Croissant Bacon egg vacant eggen croissants sandwiches that's it she's ready to go then runs around a soccer field for an hour and a half Dunkin donuts I've logged cadets my entire life of so glad they're on the podcast dig into the new burrito bowls Dunkin a fiester of flavor in a bull all right let's bring it shoemaker all right you can hear them on the press box with Bryan Curtis twice a week you can hear them on the mass man show which covers wrestling as well on ringer podcast network he just talked about the press box on the press box about China a little bit Bryan Curtis that was yesterday now whole Bunch Shah we've learned a lot more today David Shoemaker I just want to Well I mean for wwe situation it wasn't I mean resolved per se I think they managed to I mean I pay per view they did they were like exhibiting the glories of Saudi Arabia and just extolling the virtues of the country in in like in the context of wrestling so that was a little bit they managed to back off a lot of that in the in the subsequent events and I can only assume they're related when I say when I say how they resolve that they didn't resolve it they just cash just like the NBA like WWe have to deal with one of the things you have to deal with in the in the current year in the modern age is kind of be is publicly acknowledging their rely the money's almost always GonNa win out you know yeah let's talk about smackdown premiered on Friday on Fox I was there with the Ben Simmons Future Pro Wrestler you were there with your press box partner bronchitis and remember Brown who'd never been alive wrestling events The so much better than everybody they have no contest that was cool and then the the ladder match with Shane McMahon versus Kevin Owens was great the ending not so great they ended Kofi Kingston's rain and five seconds so it was abrupt funny my son was.

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