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Tweeted this on july. Aiding so two days ago. A person familiar with frank deboer. And i'm being serious. Said he would be glad to return to atlanta united and mls. So one hat is in the ring. There's something there is something deeply deeply tragic though about the frank deboer managerial story. These last few years like comic tragedy. Just i can't tell you how good a larry was. I can't tell you how the deboer name was revered and football. Yeah and this is while. He's the punchline on this podcast now yeah kind of not what you want. No no. Thank you joe girardi. That's about it for part. One of this podcast. Jj i actually one more thing the last thing. I want to say that. Doug was talking about there. Because i meant to mention this guy earlier but back to the gold cup for one last second here okay. I know. we talked about some of the concerns. I did want to say about james sands how good he's looked. So far that has been encouraging miles. Robinson has also looked very good. I saw kristen ran was talking about him. He said miles in particular saves us so much running with his one. V one defending such a fantastic guy to watch and the way he covers. Ground is something that we love about miles so he has been bright spot. And then the most intriguing one which i mentioned last week's podcast and i'll say it again today. I'm so glad that shack moore scored a goal. Because i feel like statistically that kind of validates how good he has looked to see that he does have a goal in that column next to his name because he has been so interesting and like doug talked about and we said last week as well there is a log jam now at right back and this moving forward in this gold cup. I am genuinely curious to see how greg bear halter handles this. Because like doug said reggie cannon is the first team player had. He not suffered his injury before this tournament. He would be starting and we would not be seeing shack. More accepting cameo appearances may be against martinique. We would've seen a more. But that is reggie cannons job and shack. More right now is doing absolutely everything in his power to force. Greg bear halter into making the most difficult decision than he'll have to make in this tournament. Potentially because jack moore has been excellent. And i don't know how you take him out with the way. He's playing now. Maybe his leashes shorter. Now that reggie cannon healthy again maybe you just kind of move forward with the sense of okay like you have earned the spot you've done. Great will go forward but just know there's a guy banging on your door who is ready to play so at the first sign of trouble. Maybe he gets yanked out of there. But i give him credit. I give credit because he got this opportunity and he is making it really really hard for greg. Bear hall to pull them out of there so His case in particular will be interested in going forward. Just want to get get that out there. Because he's been good. You scored the fastest goal in us. History yeah it was really something. What a start. What a start shades of dempsey against ghana. Just awesome sh the gold cup. All right jake. We'll take a very quick break when we come back a couple of news and notes here also want to mention the. Us women as they get set to embark upon their quest for olympic gold. And of course of course. Jj red-carded man-of-the-match like we do every week so all of that coming up. Don't go anywhere we'll be back with more when you think of the best of the best in sports journalism who do you think of. Maybe tim bontemps raina banks here at. Espn like vicaro of the new york. Post rachel acts on from usa today. And of course woge adrian mo- generosity of the woes pot..

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