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You don't tell my generation? No, You don't tell me we can't because that means we can and everyone in Alabama. Listen right now we're in Mississippi and all you Atlanta Braves fans, this baseball fans that was for you. That was for you. America. We got it done. You were gonna be tells me we can. This is America. I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Next thing you know, we had a little surprise lined up for Massa. Tommy. Hmm. Joining us right now is an old friend of years. Sparky sale. Oh, Sparky Anderson. What Sparkles on Tommy. You did it. You did it, Tommy. You have beat those coming. Yes. Oh, beeves, And he didn't say s O B is right. And all of a sudden was sort of like Sparky man. Our merry way. You're right. And then all of a sudden they're going back and forth and itwas The best. Listen on baseball and life. I turned my microphone off and I just listened for 10 12 15 minutes. He's too War dogs just talking about what happened to get there. And this move that Tommy made. You know, a spark is like you try to pull that crap on me. And then I am And I mean it was It was amazing, and that's how big Tommy Lasorda was. That's how great he was on. He was not not just Amazing for baseball. He loved every ounce of just living and he loved this country. He loved pasta. He loved being him and He will be missed, Tommy. You did it, partner and a nobody told you know, because I only meant you can. Wow. I'm getting chills thing about the whole Sparky Anderson story and those two wars and we could find But combining together could find audio of that was back in the real the real days. You know, I mean, right, then you can forget it. Yeah, but I find it just gonna dinosaur. Yeah, give better luck trying to find this going to dinosaur when it comes to something like that. My last was in another great who had his final performance tonight. And as Alex Trebek. It was his final episode of Jeopardy Tonight. He had taped the episodes before he passed away. Unfortunately, about a couple of months ago. And just seeing it and realizing how much pain he was in But he was not going to let people down that cared about jeopardy. It's really, really weird when icons and no longer part of our lives physically but always gonna be part of our lives mentally and spiritually when it comes to time of disorder, or also Alex Trebek. Is going to be really weird knowing that jeopardy is going to happen on Monday, and when they say Ladies and gentlemen, this is jeopardy from Johnny Gill with the announcer and Alice Trebek is not going to be the guy walking out there. That's going to be really strange, but that can never take away what he will always mean the fans of jeopardy like me and so many people showing that appreciation, especially pain. He was in trying to make sure and ensuring that the show was going to go on. They would definitely bigger than life when it comes to type of disorder, and Alistair Begg, They may be gone from this earth physically, but they're never ever going to be gone. And there's not a better tree than that. What comes into icons like that? And Alice Trebek in entertainment.

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