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Speeding down revson the guy with the other guy was coming down cdl she was making elapsed on rim sin and from what i witnesses are telling us the guy speeding down renison just just ran the red light so that was it they weren't drag race they weren't drag racing but that's a common around here especially on the weekends but we heard that before over the years to there's certain areas of the city where the world's are just perfect for teenagers and freaks out there so this may be one of those but that was not the case one was coming you know down ramps and the other one coming in the white there was excessive speed maybe on both and and they stand on the scene but but no arrests yet and we're just not as far as i know and we just got word alice that the mayor has no public appearances scheduled today oh my goodness there must be something going on all right alice stockton rossini from canarsie thanks appreciate saturday night terrible story you hate when you hear the point he made you know if this happened in another neighborhood maybe they would do things but we've been he says they've been after the city council for a long time and your idea of speed bumps was obviously embraced by someone else in the neighborhood that's a great idea i think speed bumps are far more than speed cameras camera cameras going to catch it after the accident and no one speeding rows anything there might be a camera up there should slow down you see a speed bump at an at your face you're going to slow down i just wonder what the department's transportation thinks of speed bumps when it comes to snow removal and stuff like that and and it must be streets all over the city i wonder if you went around putting sweep i wonder what the protocol is for how you put in speed bumps certain neighborhoods because you do see him pop up from time to time but they're not really all that common in the city now they aren't they could impede the flow of traffic i suppose could be a problem we got back we your take your phone calls whose side are you on the lesbian kissers of the uber driver who buddha them out of his car.

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