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Be worn at the badge of honor by some. It's a great word season desist from the New York Times. Yeah I did that. Like was it scary. Now's cool. Do you get like an envelope. They sent an email the early days of email. They sent an email. They weren't actually upset about the content. They just didn't like how a user trademark don't get. You did a parody. Explain it better than I can please. So I the New York Times. I think. I think we kinda got them to stop doing this. Because of our parody but they had these wedding videos about these couples like and how they met and it was again the early days of Youtube so I saw one and the couple looked just. There's something off about the guy and I couldn't put my finger on it. He had this creepy. Like these saccharin like this is how we met two people telling the story of how they met and it was like cheesy and creepy and he kind of had the stiff zero killer vibe so then a friend of mine and I been Cronenberg just made this parody of it and then the cool thing. At the time you could put like New York Times dot like vows slash Ted and Gracie which was their names. We just put that as the title and so then I came up with all the other videos if the near Time said down it and this Guy Kale a reseller who's the director was really really good at after effects and everything and he just made it look like a real New York Times wedding video so it went viral because people actually thought it was real but if you look at you like this is not this. There's no way this is real. I can't believe people thought it was real but that was I guess. A term now is an Easter Egg. I didn't know what the term was at the time. But we just kinda snuck it in there and then it happened during wedding season so a lot of people saw and then I made a web series after it and then I wrote a script that I've been trying to make into a feature but something here for tv about that. What maybe we should make a TV show about ten and Gracie here right here at adult swim pitching him happening right now. Yeah I sent that to Lonzo when we were starting to talk about so focused and stuff and I think he was. He was Initially I don't speak him but I think he was initially confused and surprised by the way that the way that it turns. It's really funny. I think that's why you guys approached me or like let's make this a TV thing. And then I was like I have another idea is right after you guys never wanted to focus. I wanted to remember what happened. Walk me through what we did. Okay well there is a reaction to some content adult slim right and then you're like let's diversify some of the content and we all had lunch and you guys were like what's his ten gracie thing it's cool and it was right after the election and I was like I just WanNa make people not hate women. So here's another show. I'm pitching and then I I kind of pitch saw focus off that. That seems to be the consistent thread. May in your comedies. You want people to not hate women. Yeah not all my comedy I think. Top Line for this audience for the adult swim audience. Yeah and it was more of a reaction to the to the other thing that I saw. Well I can only speak for myself. Came to you because of a need to diversify as much as thought that your voice that no. No no don't believe me. No I'm cool either way. It works I will take it. I'll be now. I think I do believe you. I'm into either or the show has been so much fun. It is like a fever dream of mine. And I'm so happy that I get to do it. What other women out there that are sort of on heard or unseen maybe could stand to be amplified where everyone sees us were all you know. I mean all like you know every woman every woman over forty for Sheridan people. Just don't Pay attention to women once. They aren't fuck you know. Okay look I think that wasn't your question and I walked you into some murky territory Yeah I think you know. I think increasingly marginalized voices are being heard. I think people are interested in all sorts of content I think if you WANNA list of female Comedians who I love. Yeah I'll give you that. It's also if you look at who I follow on twitter. A lot of them a lot of people. I hired a right on saw focus. Solid South Focus are people that I think are very very funny that I don't know a lot of people know about you. You have a ton of ton of women looking at adult swim from from the outside when you were coming in I mean it was accurate. None there you go. There are no women. Why why do you think that was because I think if people aren't thinking about it it's really easy to just kind of self select your community without even thinking about it? I also think forever. There's this whole perception that either women aren't funny or women don't like commenting the same way. Men do or comedy is primarily like you know male dominated domain. You know whatever and I think a lot of I always felt with my comedy especially because it was dark I felt a lot of guys liked it even more than like Women in certain certain jokes and certain types of things. I think there's something kind of cool about dark comedy. Specifically that is like so. Nisha away but it's like almost gender neutral people who are dark like dark chip but I mean I think that was like a myth that has been debunked time and time again. Look like who consumes horror movies so many young women are watching horror movies and you know. Gender Gender of social construct to be totally honest. I think some people are more. I think it's more of like a spectrum like my niece and nephew are my nephew. Came out and he was like into fire. Trucks and like intellect Little boy things. My niece came out and she was like I WanNa be a Princess Anne They. They were very very much like following their like the gender norms ascribed to them. But also if you look at like any sort of store supermarket you go to target and you just like walk around on your knees as if you're like a three year old princess so it's just like there's like subliminal advertising that adults don't even see or that people that this is maybe like an ablest sentiment that people don't like people who aren't little kids don't notice You know so but those are all cultural things put upon us to feel and be a certain way and I think you know like the the next generation zero whatever is like a lot of kids are like gender fluid or gender neutral or you know have just different ideas of gender than our generations have and I think that's kind of cool and liberating and especially when it comes to comedy comedy comedy. Funniest Funny What's funny to me? Might not necessarily be funny to you. I don't think our gender has anything to do with it except for the topics. Maybe that you choose to do comedy about me on you. I think I think I like For saw focus is very particular. Show But I think that like a segment on campus rape. But you know it as relatable to men and women and might be elitist. You know because it's about colleges while the I guess that's true automatically Excluding on audience walk us through that first special sort of Y. Those pieces came. Gather how they came together why it worked at the daily show so I know how to do those pieces but we had pitched the show as a as a it was a very bold. We pitched the show as a desk show and my opening segment fell flat. Because I was like crying to camera about like a nine eleven type event or like another shooting or something and it was like dessert. I show back after the tragedy that was my opening line and as experimental as you guys are just wasn't it just didn't work and then we did other. You know we had some other pundits and and segments is kind of like a it was like a send up of like the twenty four hour news cycle and Cable News. But it just wasn't as clear and then to your credit. We had those two really strong segments the campus rape segment and the Canada Cup segment. And it was your I did isolate them and then we are on the phone and I was at the airport. And you're like well. Just what's Let? Let's think of a new show and I was like I dunno soft-focus out of my ass. There's no thought there's no thought to that title. I just thought it was a great title. It's been working yet. It's nice to have like your lisp so pronounced at the onset of your show. Oh Yeah you get to US backed by South Africa. You catch it for your list. Oh on yeah. And that's my favorite like as long as no one calls me fat. Just like her. She's a list. I'm like thank. Thank you like in the Youtube comments or whatever you read. The comments always always. Do you respond to them with an alias? No sometimes these my name. Did you on these on these specials on Youtube Ages? I don't know if there was some time very rarely but if somebody inspires me you know I don't like the The alrighty guys those those comments are never fun you know but if some something really inspires me sometimes someone'll will really get what I'm trying to say a really fun way or have a question or get some kind of hidden thing that we didn't know people would get and that makes me really happy. Do you ever feel threatened by your audience endanger not by my audience. No but like yeah. I've done shows in Seattle. Where like men in the front row? We'll be like tattered up in skinhead and combat boots and I have to look to see the latest allred because that's the sign if they're not season affiliate are not read done. They're not Nazis security. I don't know though so you're onstage looking at people's shoelaces if they if the rest of them looks like a Nazi and does that change your set. Then I'm a little. I try to like kind of flight with them and take if they want to defuse. Wow Oh that's awful yeah scary. It's totally scary. Does it happen to men? I don't think as much but I do think we're in a new moment where you have like. Nra videos pointing to like comedy shows as like attacking their freedom. And so I do. I like a scary moment. If you're like trying to comedy or political comedy just because everyone in our countries like angry and a lot of guns you seem like you hit it off or at least he hit it off with you the Cannibal Cop Gill. Yeah Oh Yeah Nice Guy. I think he definitely have eaten his wife really. Yeah I definitely would have eaten her. I think he would have tasted her. I think he would have definitely killed her. She was freaked out by first of all cops when they have. There's something interesting about like a somebody who threatens to kill somebody but somebody who's a cough who doesn't like there's something about like you've God complex using nypd software to stock someone. His wife was quoted as saying he has to ask her about her running route specifically where should go and she felt creeped out and like she left him and I don't think she's been in touch with him sense. But I have a partner if I found out that he was like on some dark web message boards plotting to eat my friends. I'd be like Josh..

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