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Podcast. If you are regular listener you probably know that. We started out with very old newspaper clippings with crimes that are very similar to the one that we just covered however today we are going to start out with one from nineteen ninety eight and it is about Phil Hartmann. We will move back in time and cover other crimes that are similar to this. So the May twenty-ninth nine hundred ninety eight just happened. Wife reportedly kills actor Phil Hartman. This is from Hollywood. It just doesn't Make Sense said actor Steve Gutenberg Who Like The and pee wee. Herman got his show. Business break with the Los Angeles Comedy Troupe. The groundlings whenever I saw Phil and his wife they were always happy. Both of them were always giving kind any of the other. Details are none of my business. Phil Hartmann joined the Saturday night. Live cast in nineteen eighty six that then included Jon Lovitz. Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey in his eight seasons. He didn't impersonations of upwards of seventy famous people. Including Ed McMahon. Bill Clinton Jimmy Swaggart Phil Donahue and Frank Sinatra Phil Hartman's. Death is the latest in a string of tragedies to strike Saturday night live alumni. John Belushi. Who went from the original nineteen seventy five cast to stardom in movies? Such as animal house died of a drug overdose at the age of thirty three in nineteen. Eighty two GILDA radner. A fellow cast member died of ovarian cancer in nineteen eighty nine at age. Forty two Chris Farley who appeared on the show in the nineteen nineties and in the movie Tommy boy died of a drug overdose in December at age. Thirty three several years ago after he left a sketch comedy show. Brynn Hartman said we have more of a normal lifestyle now. Phil was blessed with a tremendous gift for creating characters that made people laugh said donal Heimer West. Coast President of NBC. But more importantly everyone who had the pleasure of working with Phil knows that he was a man of tremendous warmth a true professional and a loyal friend. Who will be deeply missed born Philip Edward Hartman in Ontario Canada Hartman was one in a line of Canadian born Comedians to find success in the United States including the late John Candy and SNL veteran. Dan ackroyd unlike them Phil. Hartmann grew up in America. I in Connecticut then in southern California at Westchester High School on Los Angeles Westside. He was the class clown already doing impersonations of John Wayne Jack Benny and Lyndon Johnson after high school. He studied art and wound up in graphic design. Doing album covers for rock bands. Drawn to stand up comedy Phil Apartment in Nineteen. Seventy five joined the groundlings in Los Angeles. The next one is back almost one hundred years ago April Twenty Eighth Nineteen Twenty seven and it is Hollywood. California wife kills movie actor mate as climax to wild. Jin Party breaking under hours of continual questioning. Mrs Sarah. Carrick film double confessed to police here Wednesday night that she shot and killed her husband. Tom Carrick motion picture. Actor of Western rolls. Her confession mumbled and partly incoherent claimed that revolver she had in her hand was discharged accidentally. When Mrs Anita Isabelle a member of the alleged drinking party in character department attempted to wrest the gun from her hands shot during the Party. Mrs Carrick was booked on a charge of suspicion of murder and four other parties to the shooting were held as material witnesses. Carrick former cowboy of Wyoming was shot to death Wednesday morning during what police termed one of Hollywood's wildest and loudest parties. All those held confessed drinking and understand Back then prohibition was going on it was from nineteen twenty to nineteen thirty. Three and drinking alcohol was illegal. So all of these people confess to drinking and it says in the I will continue in the paper it says and it was not until fourteen hours after the slaying that statements could be obtained from any of them. Mrs Carrick herself did not know. Her husband was dead until police broke the news to her hours after she had been arrested. She admitted however she had gone after a gun to shoot him when she found him in a bedroom with another woman of the party she asserted the gun was discharged accidentally when Mrs Anita Isabel attempted to take it from her in addition to Mrs Carrick those held were Henry and Anita is a bill and Iris Burns all motion picture. Extra workers and Joe Hunt Ms Burns was the alleged recipient of the advances said to have induced the shooting. The next one is actor slaves wife then kill self and this is August six nine thousand nine hundred twenty eight Hollywood California a fifteen year old Vaudeville partnership between husband and wife was broken here today as a tragedy which police called a case of murder and attempted suicide. Jack would vaudeville tricks shoot artist shot and killed his wife. Mrs Nelly would with the rifle he used on the stage. He then turned the gun upon himself. Physician said he probably would not recover a daughter of MRS would by a former marriage witnessed the shooting. Police were told that dissension arose between the partners after the woods had left the vaudeville circuits and attained only moderate success in motion pictures here and I think that is the well. The here's the last. One is a weird one to June sixteenth. Nineteen twenty nine wife. Kills actor fails at suicide? When Frank Helms? Twenty nine retired song and dance man told his wife former Vaudeville Trooper. He would have to sell her trained pony for funds. She shot and killed him at their cottage home near here today then. She leaned over his body and whispered goodbye old. Boy I'm going with you and pulled the trigger of the gun. Placed NEAR HER HEART. It was empty. She surrendered to officers was held on a murder charge. And that's it for today. Please remember to hit subscribed so that you don't miss any episodes it's free to subscribe And please do remember to give us a good review if they have it in your heart to do so I would appreciate it and as always please be safe..

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