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The jets ceremoniously anyway symbolically but don't give me this the this undying. Passion and this undying loyalty. To the jets to stop it Stop it Because listen go go to New England and have signed a one day contract, with them Symbolically of course do the same thing with Tampa Bay, maybe even, signed a one day contract with Kansas City because as far as I'm concerned You didn't give a rat's ass about any of the teams you played on it was. All about you and whether it was. The green and wider the jets are the. Pewter and read of the red and white or the chief so, the red white and blue patriots you don't care what color the uniform was as long, as you, were happy satisfied and content with your. Contract any uniform every uniform you war war was the. Best uniform that you could wear Stop it please Nothing but contentious negotiations. All the time I said this listen to what I was doing national radio Sirius, XM I said listen for the one, that, jet. Straight Tampa, bang, I said, look great player but an all time pain in the ass man and all pain. On the. ES, so whatever okay you signed a one day contract them. The the now hopefully we don't have to hear about the real reebus anymore and his undying love admiration respect for the for the. New York Jets please enough what let's talk about it. In. Realistic terms okay let's stop with the the. Smoke blowing, here stop. It Realist- didn't care about. The jets he didn't care about you as a jets. Fan. You care about anything but his Bank account. That's it That's it And, it listen I don't a man wants to take care of his. Bank account that's. That's fine but as far as, I'm concerned but, you know there's something called the contract Julio Jones going through the stuff right now with the Atlanta Falcons and isn't, it amazing, Julio Jones you know who you he worked out with this. Off season here's Willie Jones for the falcons just gave a monster contract to couple years ago made on the second highest pay a wide receiver in a, game now slipped behind four or five other. Wide, receiver he's, he says not going to report, the capital, the falcons renegotiate. His contract and who was he working out with this year? Off season none other than. Terrell Owens so, you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and it's obvious. The Terrell Owens got into the ear of Julio Jones and whispered some sweet things into his ear and all of a sudden the falcons without their, their best the, wide receiver something called. The contract you sign a contract live up to. The contract And that was always. My problem with Rivas always my problem with them So you wanna think of reverses an all time great jet I won't begrudge you that you think he's. A hall of Famer so to do I but let's stop with this you know the real Durell Rivas and his love for the jets and this comb by that's going on in the last twenty four forty eight hours this, loving, that the jets are having. With rebus down there on Florida pork. Twelve thirty seven on the show second time out of our number one you want to get on board eight six six nine seven zero nine six. Two two eight six six nine seven zero. Ninety six and twenty two.

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