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Yeah and i also have to point whenever we did deliver that final manuscript kathleen type styles in that google doc were on point i forgot about that so i went through and formatted the entire google documents so that even the way that we were typing out all of our lists all of our body copy alvar headlines and subheads was consistent and on point and even then taking that from the google doc the publisher then took that into a word doc that was then tagged like with legit code like headline sub head or like h one h two if you had an edit you strike it and say set it was it was it was not like anything i've ever done yeah it was it was legit it was legit and i love being able to see the whole process for sure for sure all right i wanna talk about like the greater vision for the book because we've talked about like writing it and what that looks like but we weren't just writing a book like from the very beginning we were designing a buck and not only the words and not even just what it looked like we had like great photo shoot for it we we had a mean lisa frank was definitely our like pinnacle of inspiration here for what this book would look like and feel like like stevie nicks meets lisa frank yes yes and that's pretty much what it is look at the back cover y'all because we had a full on way.

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