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Record high winds they have an extreme flag red flag warning for most of that area because of winds reaching eighty miles per hour crews are battling to major wildfires in the LA area thousands of people remain under mandatory evacuation orders due to the flames like it but to summarize safety so be accepted with a grain of salt yesterday officials revealing to get the fire was caused by a tree fire falling on a power line in DC more depositions today in the house impeachment inquiry to state department Ukraine experts are expected to be deposed as part of the impeachment inquiry Kathryn Croft and Christopher Anderson though it's still unclear whether the two will actually testify in Katherine Wilbarger the acting Assistant Secretary for the Pentagon's international security affairs office is also scheduled for a deposition which was rescheduled from last week house investigators will likely want her to answer questions about what the Pentagon knew about the administration's decision to withhold aid from Ukraine and also today the Senate will finally receive a briefing from top defense officials on the raid that killed the ISIS leader in as like with terror ABC news on Capitol Hill house Democrats releasing the text of a resolution involving the next steps in the impeachment inquiry the house expected to vote on the resolution Thursday informally authorizes public hearings and the transmission of witness depositions to the house Judiciary Committee there's been a possible TV exposure it Emishi Denver this possible tuberculosis case is separate from the one in June all an issue students faculty and staff of might have been exposed have now been sent an email and only those people need to be tested for T. B. Cathy Walker KO a newsstand you members story about the southern Colorado woman who put injured bobcat in the back of a car near a child while she will not face any charges from Colorado parks and wildlife the agency has determined the woman did nothing wrong when she put the wild animal in her vehicle last month now while the bobcat was too injured to react to being placed in the vehicle CPW says no one should ever pick up a wild animal due to the risk involved yes Kirby how close that critter was to the kid but it sounds like it was in capacity and god bless that woman she's trying to be kind and compassionate but this yes kind of there's just downright silly yeah coming up what keeps most of us up at night financially and World Series game seven preview those stories in five minutes thirty seven let's check traffic now John Morrissey people still crashing not as much as we were earlier I think were heeding the warnings now yeah clear pavement is not dry pavement and definitely black ice is a problem this morning although it's it's easier to see what your lane you're supposed to be in as Connor said it's a better driver in the boulder area some of the roads in boulder look pretty good ninety three is good on the north side but you get down past one twenty eight and down into golden that's pretty slow your I. seventy drives heavy looks like we've got a lot of traffic on that I. seventy Dr at right after Cole thanks on the east side of town that would be in both directions or what eastbound approaching he's eighty four seventy and that was bound drive around to our you've got a blip of slowing to on westbound I. seventy around Peoria and westbound I. seventy at steel Vasquez nor then I twenty five had earlier crash on the right shoulder north bound right around by seventy your heavy from spear and self on two two five is jammed up from Parker road but it's not as bad as a normal daily southbound two two five we'll be back to Bali back to I love because the roads are still kind of slick and not as many of us are on the road this morning with the closures and cancellations and late starts and stuff so expect a wintry drive specially.

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