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Is pregnant. Which is wonderful news for Becky Lynch very heart warming segment this segment with her. An Oscar was awesome Oscar. One person told me that I didn't know I don't know if I believe that or not. I mean I guess it could be true but I mean she. She was there for Oliver Spots. I mean she got the belt. She laughed she celebrated. I guess they could've told her. Listen do all of this stuff and then get back in the ring and then Becky's GonNa tell you something. I don't know what the what the idea would have been but one way or the other. It was very very real moment. And then Becky goes backstage. And all of the wrestlers. They hug her all the baby faces. By the way I mean. This is a real pregnancy but like the baby faces love Becky but the heels are all toll jerks about it except her husband. Who's a he'll I I presume? He's not a jerk about it but I mean he wasn't there to hugger he was. He was just there being disheveled all night but anyway I mean the one negative and it's not a negative involves becky in her life is they've lost becky Lynch. They've lost the man she get round for a long time and we don't know when she's going to be back but very happy for her parenthood the greatest thing in the world. I'm sure Mike would agree. It's the best so very happy for her. And Seth and she noted to people magazine she is always always always she said repeatedly always wanted children and she figured out this fall that seth was the man she wanted to have babies with and she she had this feeling in April and she took a pregnancy test and it came up negative but she thought no I just have this feeling and so she got a different kind of pregnancy test. I guess a digital kind. The kind that in all caps just says the word pregnant if you are pregnant and in fact she was pregnant and so that's where she has been and that is the update Oscar. Your new women's champion. It was awesome. It was a truly organic moment on the show and again. I don't know if they how they told Oscar but it doesn't really matter what's going to be interesting off. You know when it comes to onscreen is going to be seth rollins and in deciding exactly what tack you WanNa take. They did not shy away for mentioning that you know he and Becky are together. I think everybody knows that they didn't try to shy away from that in the story line. They may charade mysterious. Brought it up to him and you know it was mentioned in pointed out a couple of other times. But it'll be interesting to see exactly how they keep those universes together and exactly how they decide. They want to go ahead and play all of this off once becky leaves and is not on. Tv next week. Are we supposed to basically forget about this until we see the documentary on the WWE network? Are they going to incorporate this? As part of Seth rollins new character as he is he so distracted. Now trying to be the Messiah trying to take all of this this locker room on his back that he's carrying and now now he's got this to deal with or how exactly they're going to play. This is going to be very interesting. Including whether they just drop it like it's nothing and he moves on and we go on with and Buddy Murphy facing the world and then we're never to hear about it again until nine months or gone so a lot of other news on the show as well as I mentioned on this very show last week. The very good possibility of a brand splits era draft. I mean we're back to we're back to I GUESS. Now they're calling it the what is it. What's it called? Got Some brand to brand invitation. Last time it was the wild card rule this time. It's the brand to brand invitation. That's the actual name of it. Yes they wonky as well. It's always walk. You the wild with this. It's very wordy. That was dumb as well but I mean they always have to have some new name for this wacky thing so this time. It's the brand to brand invitation. You're GonNa hear that a thousand times in the next couple of weeks or just get used to it or stop watching the Brandon Brandon invitation. I guess means that the brands are just you know you can go wherever you want so it. Starting with drew McIntyre versus of all people. I mean we got. We got a record. Low second hour record low third hour and the big changes on raw Monday. Were we gotTa Branch Brand Invitation? We got the announcement the Baron Corbin. It's coming to raw. We got the return of the ICONEX. Who had the worst women's taking him title run? I mean there haven't been many champions but it was by far the worst we got the new push of of Jenner Mahal. I mean I liked raw last night but I just I couldn't believe my eyes some of these things so yes Barron Corbin's coming Iran next week and I guess he's facing drew but I mean Dave said it's a non title match which is even worse because at least title-match through just beats him and that's it but non title match suggests to me that Baron Corbin might win then we've got burned corbin regularly on raw. Feed Him with drew McIntyre. I hope that's not the case. I don't think so Charlotte's yes. Do you really think that that's going to be the case I the way. They're mashing dramatic entire over. They're going to bring you over gender and have him take an elevator. I doubt that I could see maybe a non-finish and I can even see them. Knowing how long all of this is going to go on you. Want through to beat people in gender probably drew talking about Baron Corbin. I mean they're in Corbin. I'm sorry gender again because gender. Looks like he's going to be in the background but they're coming over same way. He doesn't necessarily have to beat bearing corporate. Although that would be nice but this could one split off into a feud between Barron corporate and allister black it very well could carbon black. Well look you may not like it. I may not like it but the matter of fact is is and tried to kill him in theory but there was of course the miracle of architecture that you had noted on twitter last night where he only fell six feet to the secondary roof. But that would be something that I would figure that. They're going to want to tie up at some point. That Alastair Blacks characters are gonNA tie up but there. I would like to see him. Go and get demolished and has kicked off his drew said but if we get a non-finish and we see this for the next pay per view special event. Whatever it's going to be that's not going to shock me either because we don't know how long this is going to go on for and he is going to need a lot of opponents to beat up as long as he's beating them up that's really all that matters at least to me. Well not to me. I don't need Barron Corbin onto shows. I know I don't need to see Baron Corbin three times a week because I just. I'M GONNA pay per view as well Charlotte. Now what can you do? They blamed that they had a whole story. Line where they blame the tanking of the company on him and they stole pushed him up for yet. You guys remember that Barron. Corbin was blamed when the last time they had a record lows so now they got record lows it so Beirne Corbin is going to be on two shows. I mean come on Charlotte three shows Charlotte now on raw and smackdown. She'll be on smackdown coming up this Friday also on Friday even though they noted that you don't have to come to the show if you're concerned about crony virus you do not have to come to work. Well semi's Ain't took him up on it and now Friday. They've decided well. We gotta make ruling about this intercontinental title like the inner kind title means anything. It means nothing but they said you don't have to worry about your spots. You don't have to worry about your push. Well he's going to be losing his intercontinental title on Friday because he has chosen not to travel during this corona virus pandemic. So that's coming up on Friday. And yes as Mike noted the explanation for the deaths of Ramos. Also Black Ray says. I got thrown off the roof and two seconds later he said I landed six feet down. That's impossible if you know anything about physics. Anyway he fell on a second roof as it. Alastair Black and thus he was fine and they even wrestled on raw on Monday night. So that is the explanation for that and and when we come back from the break I swear to God last night on raw raiwind for a six one nine and seth rollins who is on the Apron. Because Seth rollins was into the match he was in the tag match he grabbed Ray. And this was a disqualification the dumbest finish the absolute damned dumbest finish but believe it or not. There is another secret rule. That was broken in that match..

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