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I want my husband to see me when he gets home from like his movie. Set and open the door and it's him and he comes in he doesn't even say hello to me. He's looking then. I go and i'm still looking for the flower guy. I was like there's a guy coming landlords. It's a horrible feeling. Gosh i'm i'm less chile these days. Oh my gosh yes. There's no such thing as this perfect marriage. It's the crazy stuff that you get through together. That makes it all worthwhile. That's kelly ripa and markham's suelas. It's great how they still seem to surprise each other. He pretty boring if there were no surprises. That's why i'm marriage you until next time. I'm phil donahue marlow thomas anyway. I know you're leaving tomorrow. You must be having romantic night tonight. So no ranting night. But i we're down to one kid knows. Double date is a production of pushkin industries. This show was created by us and produced by sarah lilly. Michael bahari is the social producer. Musical adaptations of it had to be you buy sell wagon symphony marlow and i are executive producers along with me alot bell and lee taal mola from pushkin special. Thanks to jacob. Weisberg malcolm glad will heather fain john's nour's carly wrigley ori eric sandler. Emily russ dhec. Jason gambrill paul williams and bruce kluger our show. Please remember to share rate and review. Thanks for listening.

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