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In the broadcast center in spring garden it's eighty five degrees here we're heading down to seventy one a flash flood warning in effect until eight fifteen with storms moving through on this Wednesday August seventh good evening I me and bush our top story at six OO one Philadelphia union boss John Dougherty was back in federal court today but more as a spectator than anything else Johnny docks co defendants in a federal corruption case are requesting to separate trials instead of one the one of the city hall bureau chief Pat low explains why the government charges the John Dougherty conspired with six others to embezzle funds from electricians local ninety eight the young and he leads it also charges he bribes city councilman Bobby Heenan prosecutors say it's all one case which should be tried at one time because all of the counts in the indictment involve misuse of local ninety eight funds but defense attorney Tom Bergstrom who represents local ninety eight president Brian burrows argued that Burroughs had nothing to do with bribing heat and he isn't even accused of it so trying him and he then together it's improper and might turn the jury against borough we're going to sit there for three weeks well they prove that all that separates prejudicial jury should hear that simple in and also wants his case separate from the others for fear the jury will think he's connected to the embezzlement regardless of how the judge rules Dougherty is charged and would be tried on all that counts so even though it wouldn't affect him a spokesman says he supports their request and thinks it's the right thing to do Pat lobe K. Y. W. newsradio storms moving through leaving flooding in spots six what's traffic and weather on the tubes we check in with Justin dropping yeah lots going on especially in Delaware County they got hit hardest with the slow moving severe storms so traffic stop one.

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