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What is it like to be the lifeline since so many people it feels great i didn't expect it to feel this way when i saw my five presents are rise and they're thinking neither kissing me they're crying they're telling me that finally we feel like human beings finally were respected it it makes me feel so accomplished in life you know i growing up i thought i had no hobbies i i you know i'm not artistic i i really know how to draw sing or and i thought okay what am i doing with my life now i realize like i'm helping save lives and that means more humane than any use of speaking to caroline december fourteen 2015 since then many relatives of joined her in calling scarborough ontario home now i imagine newcomers to canada to senior from a place called scarborough take some getting used to but when it comes to the places canadians call home it is hardly the strangest thirty years ago as it happens hosts dennis trudeau an alan maitland set out to find out more about some of canada's most unusual place names they began out east and here is some of what they learn canada is just chockfull of unusual place names but the providence that has to win the prize for the most curious odd and peculiar places is newfoundland now of course we've all heard of dildo but what about pick i leading tickles west salva or dump led harbor we received many suggestions and one name we thought we had to find out more about was blow may down and who better to tell us than william porter who lived there all his life.

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