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Talk radio five sixty ks your whistle blower Wednesday with Brian Sussman and Katie green starts now. Yeah, buddy. We're blowing the whistle. Good morning to you, two minutes past eight o'clock out here the coast. It's nasty wet traffic a mess. Katie's off marks it. We'll get to the traffic. Just a moment for you here on case Afo, what do you think about this? How many American voters are are unaware? Of the soaring level of illegal immigration here in this country. And how bad is it? So two questions how bad is it? And then how many are aware of how bad it actually is the numbers going to shock you at a whistle blower Wednesday. We'll get to that take your calls for one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred that's the number here on VO katie's off. She usually uses. She usually reads the sponsorships where traffic reports that I promise you that all of our traffic reports would be would be would be given a jingle this morning. So this one's brought to us by triple A. This report sponsored by AAA AAA insurance where you get great auto, home and life insurance AAA dot com. Here's Mark Nieto. From the Chilton auto body traffic desk again big delays on highway ninety two. There is a truck flyer on skyline just south of ninety two and they've got traffic control in effect. So the eastbound back up extends almost into. Half Moon bay allow yourself plenty of extra time there. Couple of new wrecks reported one on eastbound four near L Hambro in Martinez that is reportedly in the left hand lay and eastbound eighty before seven eighty as you head through. Oh, there's a crash reported in the right lane there south bay northbound two eighty slows into downtown. And then from race all the way up to foothill expressway, that's below the speed limit also westbound eighty slower than usual outta Vacaville in interfere field because earlier problems, and we are back they've well through the maze. Metering lights on at the bay bridge. But K is a warning show continues now with Brian Sussman. So how bad is it? What percentage of American voters are.

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