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Is looking at the styles different styles of black music of the time. Talking about blues topping and jazz talking about spirituals gospel historian, Lucious bail junior. So taking those experiences into his religious experiences. Then he came up with a sound and that sound is evident in precious, Lord and win Maui. That sound reached bigger and bigger audiences. Not just because he wrote timeless important songs like precious, Lord and peace in the valley. But because he knew how to hustle he founded a national gospel convention that continues to this day the musician people used to call barrel house. Tom also became the first black publisher of gospel music. And he had people who would go out to church congregations all around the country gospel historian, Jerry Zoltan, they would teach this new style of singing gospel. They would bring the sheet music, and I think that their influence in the world of gospel was probably more within churches as opposed to the groups that were out there. Trying to make a living at it. The music charts folks had rejected because it reminded them too much of the downhome blues became the cornerstone of gospel music. I don't see any harm in the music blue. Blue Jay gospel music is just music, and what assorted please this world would be without enemies. So we've got had. His blues beats and notes also launched a great gospel singers career. Unlawful? Thomas. Mahalia Jackson formed an alliance the singer a New Orleans native would perform his new compositions at churches across Chicago their musical relationship. Culminated at one of the lowest points of American twentieth. Century history. Women hell you're saying precious Lord at Dr Martin Luther King. Junior's funeral Mahalia was Dr king's favourite singer and precious. Lord was one of his favorite songs. She told Stutz Turco that sometimes king would phone and ask her to sing that song. It's something like on. Dr give you one knows vitamin towns revived, you, Nick. Let you know that Dr Martin Luther King's walk together. Children. Don't get. As a great camp meeting in the promise. And this promise land is red here in America. Like Mahalia Thomas roles at the same time conditions changed for countless African Americans in his music. He conveyed the hope and worry they felt as they started new lives in new cities as he was finding his footing up north jubilee. Gospel court tests were blazing a trail in the south his excess at the table for those musicians to make their way north in the coming years audiences would know what hit them. The most said, geez. That's it for part one of Saturday night and Sunday morning. The gospel roots of rock and soul. Thanks to our host CeCe Winans coming up in part to a deep dive into the golden age of the gospel quartets, featuring groups like the sole stirs with Sam Cooke and the Dixie hummingbirds whose lead vocalist screamed, the hymnals fired up audiences. Cajon off to state. She jumped off the state went down to new audience FANG to the people that was unheard of this episode of Saturday night and Sunday morning gospel roots of rock and soul was written in produced by Alex Lewis for more stories..

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