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We welcome all of you to the program. So glad you're here on a Wednesday as we get ready for pretty big weekend of college. Football. Well, welcome to the program a lot to do your phone calls of course, at eight, five, five, two, four to seven to eight, five number of guests as well as we'll dig deep into the Georgia, Florida, Florida, Georgia, to get the names out of order. Speaking of, let's get right to it. The one staff they will decide the Florida Georgia game. What is it. It's the Russian game, not the Russian game, the rushing game. Who does it better? They both are pretty well. Georgia probably needs to do it better if they're going to repeat. As SEC chimps team was the most rushing yards has won the last twelve times in the series. If that means anything to you should mean something because that's often were these games are decided so a lot more on that that game. Meanwhile, there's, yeah, Nick Sabin calls, LSU legitimate. What's he supposed to say? Yeah, they're illegitimate, they're no good. We're, we're bringing our officials to the game anyway. Nick Sabin. If you're asking me if I think LSU is legitimate, I think they're absolutely legitimate. I think they have a really, really good team. I think they played a difficult schedule and done a really good job of beating some really good teams. I think they're, you know, playing well on both sides of the ball. I think the very well coached on the Gad's done a really, really good job with the program. So. I mean, I think they're very, very legitimate contender for you know our league and it's going to be a big game for both teams. Hey, now we've got that settled. What are these days? I want to say we don't respect them terrible. So and so's the coach and got no offense. They played any, but that's not really the truth here. And the truth is LSU is one of the top teams in the country. Most people leave their top four team, so more on that game. But it's not until next week. Mike Bianchi. What else can you say about him? That he has an said? David Pollock star few Georgia, Florida games. Seth Walder are Wednesday, ESPN stats and information guy. George Schroeder and Martez IV. He knows a little bit about this game and the importance of it. We'll talk to the great player from Gainesville coming up later. But I, you know what I'm about, say. Your phone calls eight, five to four, two, seven, two, eight. Five always interesting. When you look down, you don't know who you're gonna find, but I am taking relief because who I don't see hairy starts it off in the big easy. Hello, Harry. Thank you, Paul. Thank you so much for big call today. Thank you. I tell you, Paul, I'm interested now all all the Georgia Florida game, but I wanna wish you the best this weekend on that Monday headline. That's that's. Oh, thank you. One of my favorites ball and let's let's pizza ball the Saturday sportscenter going into game day and sometimes you know, the games are more difficult than others. I try to find the biggest game of the day and write the headline for the next day, and I've had a pretty unblemished record so far, but this week may have to go Florida, Georgia. That's going to be tough. Well, tell you ball. You've got me. You've got me very interested in that. I'm not gonna ask you for a little hint, but I'm going to be watching and I'm going to do. I'm going to have a Daryl in Lance sitting in Jacksonville Saturday morning, and I'll with them both give an opinion. Well, for what it's worth ball, a love Georgia. Go dogs. Thank you. Thank you very much. Great.

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