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The kind in western fictional painting but you never would meet anybody in western fiction that re- resembled anything like the people you knew in western town which are like a lot like people were else. But that's changing but it is considered a you know violating the myth all little cloud cover all of a sudden. You start actually biting. Good gotta look on that top fly. I listen I need to be looking at that. Was always gyms classic. Move Looking for cigarettes. That's when he'd get one. God would've would've cigarette habit. He had to hit that to the right here. Right out to the middle. I knew Jim Harrison from the time we were at school together and he had this. He had this unusual charismatic personality and was a real real driven lover of everything about literature. irresistible guy. Anybody also in addition to being so artistically inclined he loved the outdoors and love to hunt and fish so anyway we we got along immediately and Stayed in touch our lives really till Jim passed away this last year. I grew up reading him Because he lived in Michigan Was born very near where I was born. Actually and so my dad was always a big Fan Yeah we had some good times on the river you know. I'd take him handful of times every summer. And you know with Jim like the. The fishing was of marginal importance but he would call me several times The night before we were supposed to go to make sure that I remembered the salt or the chicken thighs hot peppers and things like that. That's where main concerns. Were around what we're going to have for. Lunch was making sure that I didn't get on it. Being a lot of fish go eat great. Should've saved some of these voicemails. He left me class. Who'd always always call and be like. Hey this is Jim. Harrison like full full name couldn't couldn't he was right? That's funny that's a good point. Well you know he was so unlike anybody will ever know that you know his absences pretty powerful. Isn't that really yeah? I mean it's just kind of always been always been around then Jim you know it it. Kinda surprising to not having jim to write to the hardship draft. Be Honest about that I mean. How often were you guys writing every week? At the least that's amazing but usually more that not always consequentially. It's just you know I always felt like get something in my mind often some something. Nobody else would be interested in the gym. Well that's just a cool collection of ladder. So I mean you know that people are going to WanNa read those at mind with a heavy hand ice disreputable suitcase swing that left now. Those are all the things. Everyone's GonNa Wanna read. You realize here over here. Yeah and he I mean. Harrison is rascal you know and I mean for example. I was working on this story. When Time Harrison Daddy liked the title so he just took it legends to the fall. Are you serious? I had never heard that that was your that's classic but What he did with it way more than what I would do it so I was okay with me that when you kind of have to be like well worth give that one up. It's still a great book. I mean I reread it. Who is only good and full of emotion? You know there's so much cold well-done stuff out there. Something that really gives you heartaches Kinda rare nearing the end here. The end is nigh to this has been a nice little jar of fish known fell in would fill in. I used to always say that about this point. In my day. You know good success. We caught some fish. No one fell in and then of course at at one point after I'd said that between here in the boat launch a guy fell in after I made my statement. I gotTA stop. We're in the car what I hear over my county. You'll see people say how are the kids and they'll say well nobody's in jail just like it's the basics. Yeah can't expect much more than that. Tom Guedes most. Recent book is cloudbursts. A collection of stories and Cowan winks. New Book is called August. They met in two thousand sixteen. You can find stories by both riders at New Yorker Dot Com. I'm David Ramnik and I hope if you can that you can get some time outside to enjoy the spring but please do it safely and join us next time for the New Yorker Radio Hour..

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