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White Sox, Tim Anderson, Chicago discussed on Roe Conn


State's attorney's office has called for an independent investigation. From the Cook County inspector general on the office's handling of the smelly case to community groups have partnered assu the city to stop the Lincoln yards project grassroots collaborative and raise your hand filed a lawsuit today activists say they're tired of racial inequities in the city that results from it's a failed economic policy and agenda that prioritizes wealthy areas of the city. The city's administration of the tip system also has been racially and ethnically discriminatory as hundreds of millions of tax dollars collected from taxpayers citywide have disproportionately benefited areas in majority white census track. If I lose the city's approval of one point three billion dollars in tiff money for the project last week with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN looking on the country announced it's test fired a new type of tactical guided weapon the announcement came after reports of new activity at a North Korean missile. Research center, the White House that it was aware of the report and had no comment acting secretary of homeland security, Kevin mckell and McGowan and making his first trip to the US Mexico border. Since recently being tapped for the job, you increase in family units is a direct response to the vulnerabilities in our legal framework where migrants and smugglers know that they will be released and allowed to stay in the US indefinitely pending immigration proceedings that can be years out. He said more than forty eight hundred migrants entered the country Tuesday, calling it a new record for the modern era are promoted bodyguard of one of drug kingpin, El Chapo Guzman. Son pleaded guilty in Chicago today to taking part in a drug conspiracy. Thirty five year old. Hey, sues BELTRAN, Leona admitted to his role in the twenty thirteen sale of forty six kilograms of cocaine in Los Angeles. And now it's and community corners Hughes. Ryan burrow, you may drive past dozens of murals every day in Chicago. But not know what they are designed them. Now, there's a place to look that up the city of Chicago has launched a mural registry. Tabulating? Dozens of city approved murals on the sides of buildings under bridges at in parks. The registry came to be after city workers mistakenly removed some of the murals that had been authorized by the city. I'm Ryan burrow with community corners WGN radio. And now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell Lucas cheerleader the party in the third with left hamstring tightness. Tim Anderson was addicted in these six inning after a scuffle in the White Sox fell to the royals four three in ten innings snapping their three game winning streak. Dugouts and benches cleared after Anderson was hit by a pitch from a bread Keller in these six it was in retaliation to an Anderson backflip celebration following a two run Homer in the fourth Keller. Anderson manager Rick read three oh, we're all tossed from the game SOX headed Detroit for the start of a four-game series. Tomorrow. Have it on WGN beginning at eleven thirty five. It's time for finding a home in the big league. Sponsored by the village of Bedford park building for the future. Another day. Another big game for SOX outfield prospect waste, Robert he went two for three bay stolen base at a run scored in last night's game. With winston. Salem Roberts hitting four eighty nine with three doubles two triples five or sixteen RBI in fifteen runs scored in eleven games this season cubs. Look to sweep the Marlins in Miami tonight. It's Cole hamels on the mound. The left. He's allowed just three runs over his last fourteen innings buys is six for nine with a Homer in the series Benz overs. Tabet leadoff and play right? Jason Heyward in center and the NFL's full twenty nine hundred and schedule set to be replaced released tonight. The bears will make a trip overseas to play the raiders in London in week five. That'll be noon. Central time kickoff at the new Tottenham.

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White Sox, Tim Anderson, Chicago discussed on Roe Conn

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