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Be Amazon E C S, very soon gonna be supporting dockers warm, or or hassle nomad any scheduling platform for containers that you wish and then once as contemporary scheduled the computers, basically abstracted away from you, you will scale it will fail zero will scale to whatever copies of of of computer, you need automatically. You don't have to do anything in donate to manage the M's jumped by security patches or fetches a already done in the background by by ocean. And basically gives the developers service way you manage their containers in also very very reasonable pricing of computer day can on lock as they scale the experience of deploying a container on your product. Ocean. It seems quite similar to deploying a container on an AWS far gate or Azure. Container. Instance. These are these long-lived container instances, the service containers, how do the containers that you're spinning up for people on ocean compare to these container instances that the cloud providers offer. So I think we're hitting a spot where we basically offer the same service like like, Azure, container instances the or fight it. And and just a matter of like how efficient we are in acquiring the underlying compute and our goal is to be way more efficient that any other provider in acquiring the compute underneath of the container right now. I find these container instances, so. Interesting and so useful because I've been a longtime user of Hiroko and Hiroko is as far as I know just giving you a container it's been giving people containers for a very long time since before containers were trendy and they're called Dyno's on her Oku and heroic is made a great business out of selling Daigneault's to people because that's all you need often. You know, many people who are hobbyist developers or even at a large company, and they wanted to use her Oku they can spin up their entire application is just some monolithic application that just runs in a long lived container. And and that's great. That's what a lot of people need. So that's what AWS and an Azure have been offering with this far gate and container instances products respectively. And I was talking to you about this when we were at qb con, but it surprises me that there's not more excitement. Around the idea of these low cost cloud provider container instances where you can just spin up your monolith in standalone container people see more excited about the idea of managing a Cooper netties cluster. When in fact, like why would you wanna be a cluster operator? You could just be a an operator of your application. Abstraction? Why is that why do people want to manage their coober netties when they could just manage their application in terms of these container instances differ. I couldn't agree more. I had you right in terms of also its greatest you how a what he Roka did like becoming so trending now. And also if you go like that and look at Google app engine, which is basically same thing. But just that's true and ready for that yet..

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