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Today we'll be talking about press freedom as a recent report from the committee to protect journalists suggests that standards are beginning to slide. Top tops will also be needling new york correspondent on issues of transatlantic import. Plus where he gets his christmas trees last up things get steamy. Sort of we'll be discussing the plaudits and pitfalls of intangible cultural heritage status our esteemed editors and one oddball correspondent. Discuss these matters and more right here on the late edition. Hello and a very warm. Welcome to the late edition. I'm josh bennett. Joined today from new york city by our correspondent. There henry sheridan and here in studio by page reynolds. Welcome to the program Page i know you to be A woman very capable of driving a discussion about global affairs having a great sing song at a christmas party but you looked decidedly less comfortable behind the wheel when i saw you arriving at midori house earlier How do you have a driving licence. Exactly thank you very much. It was impeccable. Timing that you talk. Antonio's happened to be at the gate at the same time as i was reversing. My mint green metallic suzuki alto into the premises of midori house. I'm glad you got a bit of a show. You did it. You did a great job. And we'll debbie timeframe aguirre change this week and you're gonna be taking it taking it a little bit easier in the run up to christmas. Oh yeah i to say. I'll be driving once more back to the the parental home on the twenty third. But apart from that i'll be leaving the car in the garage and there is a bit of an end of term feeling and Who's that at. The school gates is former pupil. Henry reese sheridan. Henry is great pleasure to be speaking to you. It's been awhile since we shed a microphone. We're oversee speaking to you from new yorker. I wonder if you could paint us a little. Sonic portrait of where you're at and what you're up to absolutely to my rights. Look out my window. I can see ten to eleven inches of snowfall. So that's creating an extremely festive atmosphere. I turn back zone facing indoors. Look down on my feet. My japanese sox. I've not had to crack them out yet this year but the radiators broken in combination with the inclement weather i've had to. I've had to take them out of the draw other any more details that you'll know about. I just would say that any socks that need cracking a not socks i'd be wearing. There'll be plenty of time for these kinds of christmas. Japes first up. We're going to be talking about press freedom now. The twenty tens is operatives. Inelegantly called them in what he pulls a script was about decade for journalists and twenty twenty hasn't been much better a pair of reports published. This week highlighted the serious constraints journalists under around the world. Early up monaco's georgina. Godwin spoke to rebecca vincent the uk bureau director of reporters without borders who explained how free speech in print online and muttered into microphones. Who's western problem too. And it's not just trump but there's many other kind of figures that have possibly been emboldened by the leader of the country of the first amendment speaking and treating journalists way for sure that attitude has really grown over the past several years I think it does have some responsibility for the acceleration and press freedom violations including detentions and attacks on journalists around the world. I actually went to to mentioned another report. Which is the. Us press freedom tracker this is a collaborative project. Cuts are asaf is also part of in the united states now. These are not figures that we've included in our roundup but during this year the press freedom chalker detected an unprecedented one hundred seventeen arrests detainment of journalists in the us. So they're not in our report because they're not still imprisoned. These are often arrests or detentions but one hundred and seventeen journalists in the united states detained largely in connection with covering The black lives matter protests. That have taken place this year. Which is really alarming. Rebecca vincent bureau director of reporters without borders henry For all of your shortcomings you are in new york. And therefore capable of giving us a. Us perspective on things has the past four years of donald trump's anti-media moaning to change the way that people think about journalists or treat journalists in the us while covering politics. Do i think probably for most people in the united states it's actually enhanced the presses reputation and that's certainly true among people who are willing to pay for kind of premium media. I mean we've seen spikes in subscriptions to lexi titles like the new york times at the same time that outlets which perhaps not behind a paywall haven't marketed themselves. A savelly have had to rely more on kind of variety and online marketing techniques to to stay afloat a certainly the fact that the trump administration has been quite explicitly on the war footing with what they call the mainstream media since before trump took office has has fundamentally changed the dynamics between a particularly white house press correspondent and people covering the white house and and the trump administration and the administration itself of asli. We expect our media to Take a sceptical stance towards whoever's in the white house even the best of times. But from from sean spicer at kayleigh mcenany all of trump's communications leaders have kind of provoked the press of cast them as enemies of the people and it really got buy personal at times Just recently mcenany refuse to take a question from a cnn. Reporter extremely mainstream kind of representative of the press saying that she doesn't call activists deeply entrenched sense that most legacy media publications represent an anti trump view represents a set of values which cultivated among the coastal elites and not representative of the country at large. That's the narrative that trump is being at pains to spin. I think it should be said that. To an extent the press have played up to that characterization. There's been quite a pronounced shift within newsrooms over the course of the trump presidency where relatively younger journalists journalists who came up on social media where there is less of a firewall between activism and journalism have been advocating for a more combative stance from within these historically neutral newsrooms towards the administration. And it's uncertain as to whether or not that's going to go away just because joe biden's office and at the same time and i know this is a topic. Which is we've discussed often the monocle. Twenty four the. The journalism industry has undergone or rather has faced lots and lots of different challenges which has led to to restructuring across the industry lots of star journalists have turned to independent independent outlets publishing newsletters on substitute for example. Leaving like cpr. Two take that route so even if when biden comes into office he tries to reestablish what was considered to be normal relations with the press. I think that he will find the ground to shift pitch shifted. Excuse me beneath him. Over the course of the last four years the media isn't what it was for years ago and i would be loath to make any predictions about how that's going to affect a white house press relations for the next four years and page at the plight of journalists in egypt in russia or in other countries that are less willing to have their leaders. Questioned is one thing. But i'd kind of like to stay in the west and think about maybe you k. Us a little bit in an age of uncertainty where the pinions of ritually dubbed fake news..

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