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One of the nation's largest power companies to clean up more than eighty million tons of coal ash Jeff to Beery of member station W. N. C. has details this excavation would amount to the largest coal ash clean up in the nation's history the substance is a by product when cold is burned to make electricity the ash has hazardous effects on human and ecological health state environmental regulators environmental groups and Duke energy the world's largest electricity producer reached this agreement to remove the substance from six sites in North Carolina it would end a years long dispute over how to handle coal ash in twenty fourteen a pipe running underneath the coal ash dump burst allowing tens of thousands of tons of the substance to pour into a local river for NPR news I'm Jeff to be re in Raleigh North Carolina hundreds of newly arrived US troops are out in force at the US embassy in Baghdad to boost security protesters of largely pulled back after setting fires and trying to reach the compound for two days on Wall Street this hour the Dow was up a hundred seventy nine points this is NPR support for NPR comes from Cape Bucks bound in support of the David Gilkey and CBO that Tamana memorial fund established to strengthen NPR's commitment to training and protecting journalists in high risk environments DeGeneres arrogant this is morning becomes eclectic and your KCRW many missiles I got one welcome if you're just joining us if not thanks for sticking with us it's gonna be a high of seventy one today and right now we're gonna get to something from chance the rapper featuring Randy Newman it's called the five year plan one of the collecting yeah KCRW.

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