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You do are you are more than welcome here in other areas where you're dead is that right now but his obvious your dad is at work right now actually just are back at work already getting ready go work again all right will please make sure did you tell you fathered a that we love him would continue to hold you guys up here of whom prayer and may may you have uh i'm gonna say may have a beautiful holiday you you say that you know it won't be what you do you guys do you have each other and in that you do have and you have us as well all right him i love j yesterday yes thank you will they or all you think you mad j in place you too as well once again a hug you father geoff force okay our thinking will haunting paul you're more than welcome that is another real holiday he will right they're j came k fitness of via email about her beautiful father geoff came k it is a real holiday hero right here big boys laws van der waals and then you would be playing you know me john mcdevitt no three sample that you will join me back to pre one of the draft get it would waive him jio the victory whoa we end the.

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