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Radio rights granted by kentucky speedway to 'em are in radio solely for the private noncommercial use of our listening audience and he publication reproduction or other use of the description and accounts of this event without the express written consent of r radio is prohibited jason started on the bud pole he slid back after the completion of the first lap jeff green flashed around him to the outside green leading all the lap so far we have completed seven of two hundred laps good battle going on from second on back kevin o'neill j soda and others stacked up nose to tail off the end of the front stretch juice and they are jas owner trying to hold onto that position but he's got a lot of competition to what he's got seven harder and kevin harvick is on the move is he's now the guy that grit and harvick is pulled within about two car lengths that the case in keller machine at keller's within three car length of jas daughters exit ford waiters off turn four we'll put a lap on the brad teague machine teague running very slowly down the apron to the racetrack and he will bring that car to pit road here's a challenge for second now jason keller punches a hold of the inside he'll look for second intern one jason killer is going to take over the second position and then jason china going to tuck down inside but he's no room because kim feet away now pulls up right alongside solder as they hit the backstretch beata down on the inside and j sonner stuck on the outside of the racetrack is they race into turn number three pito by about a half of a car into four beatable opens the inside lane he will flash by j solder pickup the third spot the inside lane is left open still here comes kevin harvick harvick by solder to fourth here comes travis kloppel to the inside he'll try and steal fifth glop trying to make a move at the fifth position but he's going to have his hands full because jay solders fighting back as they work their way out of number two it's kevin harvick followed by jason solder travis kloppel john to make a bid now position wa pulled out drops down to the inside that seems to be the pastor way through three and four here today move him into that position and move jay solder back one dust beginning to settle in here in northern kentucky the lights are on at the kentucky speedway is the nascar busch series makes its inaugural run in the outback steakhouse three hundred motoracing network with live coverage here j jeff green continues.

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