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Lays it back across midfield inside the circles, Michael Edwards, He'll take a few steps up. Pass it to his right for Sebastian Anderson Anderson back to Edwards. Edwards going over to Jimmy Oxford. As the switchbacks will try the far side of the field Now, Tristan Hodge plays it down. Nice ball to Andre Lewis gives it up to me. Gee, Galina Galina over to Haji Perry. Barry, trying to play it back through was maybe looking For Beckford and Galina. Both were breaking in on the ball, but the first one there is Spencer Richey. To pick it up off the ground and the switchbacks come away with nothing good high press from the switchbacks the winning the ball back. Excuse me, Ryan. That's exactly what happened is makin Gila will get that off to Andre Lewis Lewis, dribbling through two defenders stumbles loses, it defines reclaim possession. Alcoyano. Out to the far side. Switchbacks again. Pressuring high trying to force the turnover, which they do Haji Barry in the box, looking to get off a shot three to coma defiance players close in and as they were trying to clear and sent Back across the back line. I just Shane Beckford. Quick gold cake here for Tacoma as they feel the momentum, they immediately get across midfield passed to the near side. With it is Chavez. Chavez to the midfield circle. Take it away by switchbacks. Now Echeverria to the near side for Anderson. He'll play to his left for Edwards. Place it to his left for Oxford and then to finish the sequence over out wide to Tristan Hodge. Watch, making his first start for the switchbacks. Highly touted Player Brandon Burke. I know he does this with you to Roland. Has cheese. Tristan Hodges return for a couple weeks. He thinks really highly of them as a pass will go up to Mitchy. Galina Galina to Haji Berry, top of the 18 tries to sidestep a defender plays it to Lewis. Andre Lewis. Little hesitant to shoot. It plays it over to Shane Beckford back to Louis, Andre Lewis. Fans are telling him to shoot. He finally does and it's blocked out front. Now, Tristan Hodge has it 30 Yards away from goal reverses fields to meet you, Galina! Galina, just above the 18 chips. It far post looking for Beckford, Chest it down. He wanted a handball won't get it and Tacoma Able to clear disappointing sequence there from the switchbacks. Yeah, Tacoma living dangerously, though their line keeps drifting further and further back towards their own goal keeper in the switchbacks are pressing, really high, winning the ball back, putting the visitors under some pressure and have chipped over the top looking for back for nothing doing their off a couple hop. Spencer Richey will have it. Tacoma feeling like the cat that ate the canary right now? They did not expect to come into this building. I don't think it take In early one nail leave, but that is what they have. In the switchbacks. In a spot. They haven't been a whole lot this season and that is chasing a game here early. Tacoma, trying to work it up the far sideline to no avail. As they lose it out of play. Throwing goes to Tristan Hotch to market Gila back to Hajj and now towards goal for Jimmy Oxford. Well played to his right for Michael Edwards. Edwards with a head of steam crosses midfield. Still has it. Ship it over to Sebastian Andersson. Anderson back to Edwards, as all all the backs are getting involved. In the run of play here, back across midfield that trust and hot, she'll play it up to the Shane Beckford back for it along the far sideline gets away from his man, a second and a third come to defend. Give it up to Haji Barry, but immediately to coma. They're defending. They're doing a great job helping right now they got two or three guys crashing. On the ball handler but still with the guy. There to defend if the ball is passed up now Michael Edwards to the near side for Anderson. Play the overlapping run to meet you, Galina Galina out wide on the near side looking for across soon step played up to Sebastian Andersson. Andersson winds up plays it to Galina. Alina to the top of the 18 for Andre Lewis. Some space opens up doesn't shoot. Lewis plays it back through to Galina, but out of his reach and out for a goal kick. You know Andre Lewis is a player that we don't normally see in the starting 11, but he's a good player. You feel like he's been a little bit hesitant here on these last couple of possession? Yeah, He is a really good player. That was a smart idea from him to just try that reverse ball into Kalina just got a little bit too much on it. These findings himself, and some good positions just needs to keep pushing a little bit further up the field. Let Beverly Mark and deal or do all the hard work in behind him. Let It's your various strength things together and just get Andre Lewis on the ball in some further forward positions. Big miss tonight for the switchbacks to be without sacks, Andy. He's been terrific the last few games for Colorado spring. As Sandy. Now. Due to injury. Have Michael Edwards. With it for the switchbacks. 18 38 and counting here in the first half. One nil to coma defiance on the road. Scored their first goal in three matches and lead it by that score. You're looking to extend that lead. The middle of the field attacking end. And that one is picked off by mocking Gila Bath will chip it over the top. Haji Berry. On the other end, Spencer Richey comes way out of his box to headed away now Michi, Galina from Distance, and Spencer Richey. Able to track back towards his goal and make the save. Good idea from the switchbacks. Spencer Richey had to get there. He was a good eight yards outside of his 18 had to get there. He did cleared it out well and then was able to scramble back in time to collect that long shot going up over the top. Ritchie will then roll it out to his left as Tacoma looks to build out of the back as they have successfully so far. As Michael Edwards comes in, and we'll pick up the foul as he crashes into Player for Tacoma. And it will be a free kick opportunity just off to our right in front of the Tacoma bench. Coma with the successful Throwing now they have it in the middle of their own end of the field. They'll play back to Spencer Richey inside the 18. He puts his whole leg through. This one sends it Deep downfield. Tristan Hodge runs back. To get it for switchbacks FC now All worked along the back line. Michael Edwards has it in the middle of the field starts up. And passes it off to Sebastian Andersson. Anderson. Edwards. Holding Is it to his left for Jimmy Oxford?.

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