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Brain function and more especially as we start the inner cities '60s and '70s you call sits in of the best kept secrets out there are two healthy ageing well one of the things it does is that we have little cellular compartments in our body called uh michael konri now there that might okay there's three or four hundred of them inside every cell particularly in the brain and the heart where energy is needed it's a mighty kind riamh makes eight dino triphosphate what's called atp it's the cellular energy component and of course they're like little batteries these might kind re they run out of energy your batteries are low and this you need this for the heart to pump you need this for your brain to work with where they there's a great amount of energy needed when you get the nitric oxide it re invigorates the might oh kandhari it does something to renew them it and it and it's called a might o uh generation might o'connor real regeneration so you'll you know by the time where eighty years old we've only got forty eight four percent of these kind real working well you've got to reinvigorate them you can bring them back and you do it by well increasing this nitric oxide gas it gets camp early produce and it sends a signal reinvigorate your body make it useful again we want to expand and the blood vessels and rather than have them contract which is what's going on as we get older we need to do that and it will reinvigorate the might oka andrea to give us the cell energy we need so we can stay young and healthy now build the citra lean superformula street for women but guys love the to this citra lead promotes nitric oxide and by doing so it also supports healthy circulation healthy endurance healthy performance in the gym and even in the bedroom and it does all of this in a wholesome way there are even studies showing how well it works were meant to promote erectile function how can one citra lean pill do so much we'll sit truly it it's really well document here's the journal of urology 2011 telling us how sitterle in does this this was all done any human study by the way and so.

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