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Than the other soccer is a sport and it's refreshing to me that in the end this bid was handed out not necessarily because of geopolitical issues but because of what made the most sense you look at you know the fact that transparency has brought has been brought back to fiba again gianni infantino a lot of people want to criticize him but the open bidding process was important because if you had this closed off bid and you've seen the us mexico canada bids score almost double what the moroccan bid scored when they were given their evaluations if it was a closed bidding process and it's open to corruption and you've got people who can bid for morocco because who knows what they're being given under the table but they don't have to answer to it that's a problem if everybody's bit as public like was the case in this process it becomes a lot more difficult for shady dealings to go on behind the scenes so in the end i think we got to where we thought we got we may have taken the scenic route to get there but i think the benefits were just far too great for the fief member nations fourteen billion dollars projected to be the revenue from this world cup that will be a record that's more than double what the moroccan projections for were for this world cup it's possible that fifty million dollars more will be distributed to each member nation than if the moroccan bid had won it just made sense financial sense infrastructure wise morocco was going to be in need of sixteen billion dollars for necessary development so you know i think i think the right decision was made like i said it's a huge win for soccer in this country and i keep thinking about this because somebody asked me recently i forget who it might even been jj who said what will this really do for soccer in the united states and i tried thinking back to where we were at in nineteen ninetyfour pre that world cup soccer was just it was on the margins of sports society and look what happened i mean nineteen ninetyfour essentially served as like what the big bang was for the development of earth and the universe that's kind of what was to.

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